Cast for “Moneyball” taking shape

Check out this story from Variety, which discussesthe cast that’s being assembled for the “Moneyball” movie. Shooting is set to begin in June. According to this story, David Justice and Scott Hatteberg both will play themselves in the movie.

Let’s hear some thoughts: Do you think the “Moneyball” book can translate into a decent movie?

Joe Stiglich

  • Dlo

    Brad Pitt is going to play Billy Beane!!
    instant classic!?

  • Z06

    I would like to see a book about someone traveling with the A’s currently. I enjoyed michael lewis making fun of jeremy giambi and T long and a cast of other slackers he traded away for better younger talent. Highly recomend this to read.

  • Jan K Oski

    I prefer this cast selection, especially the one for Brown.