Sunday pre-game update

It’s Little League day here at the Coliseum with hundreds of little tykes dressed up in their teams’ uniform. Had to dodge a couple of errant tennis balls as I drove into the parking lot as fathers threw a few pitches to their kids and played catch.

The news today revolves around Eric Chavez, who is out of today’s starting lineup with a right elbow strain. Chavez has mainly battled shoulder ailments since the start of spring training, so this is something new.  

Nomar Garciaparra starts at third for Chavez, who injured the elbow as he made a long throw from third to first midway through Friday’s game. Chavez was examined by a team doctor Saturday night.

Didn’t get a chance to talk to Chavez before the game, but manager Bob Geren said his third baseman is day to day. The A’s are off tomorrow as they travel to Arlington.

Dallas Braden said he felt fine today and didn’t have any after effects of the slight groin injury he suffered in the fifth inning of Saturday’s game when he broke towards third base to back up a cutoff throw. Braden was pulled in the sixth inning with the bases loaded and two outs. Geren later said it was a precautionary measure.

The lineups:

A’s — Sweeney CF, Cabrera SS, Giambi 1B, Holliday LF, Cust DH, Garciaparra 3B, Suzuki C, Buck RF, Ellis 2B.

Rays — Upton CF, Crawford LF, Longoria 3B, Burrell DH, Aybar 1B, Zobrist 2B, Navarro C, Kapler RF, Bartlett SS

Curtis Pashelka

  • Son of Hendu

    What do you know Eric Chandelier-vez is hurt again. Between him, Nomar and Gaimbi we might get 162 games played.

  • Oakland Sí

    bad news about Chavez — yet again —

  • Marc

    Anyone notice the great AB that Travis had early in the game? Runner at second, less than 2 outs. He fouled off several pitches and finally grounded out to second. Runner advances to third. Infield now comes in to play for a play at the plate. Next batter grounds to short, but with the SS playing in the ball gets under his glove and in the left for a run scoring single. This run was manufactured by the Buck AB. These are the little “baseball” things that are often the difference between winning and losing. Moving the runner over and playing for a run here and a run there. The Angels have had great success playing sound fundamental baseball. Travis has nothing to show for it, a 4-3 out. But it was huge at the time.

  • Nodaclu

    At a certain point, I think you actually stop being angry/upset/frustrated with Chavez and you actually start feeling a bit sorry for the guy.

    At least I do. 4 surgeries in 18 months, rehab, all those things, and you *still* can’t quite pull it all together.

    That has to suck for him. Truly.

  • Bee

    At some point, we have to admit that Eric Chavez is fragile. He may never be healthy again. The big problem is that we have him under contract through next year, which will be the most expensive year of that contract. If he can’t play, maybe we turn him into the most expensive coach in history. His presence in the clubhouse is worth something, maybe not quite that much, but it’s a contract and the A’s will have to live with it.