And the injuries keep coming (updated)

It was calf injuries for both Garciaparra and Ellis. Not surprisingly, it was Garciaparra’s right calf that tightened up on him. That’s the one that’s been giving him problems this season, although he’s had trouble with both calves going back to last season. Ellis strained his left calf.

Hopefully after the game, I’ll have more info. for you …


It’s only the third inning, and the A’s have already watched two infielders pull up lame w/apparent leg injuries. If you’re watching on TV, you saw third baseman Nomar Garciaparra hurt himself while legging out a second-inning grounder. He threw his helmet in disgust as he reached the dugout and was replaced by Bobby Crosby when the A’s went out on defense. There’s been no announcement on the nature of his injury. Could be the same troublesome calf problem, could be something different.

Then in the top of this inning, second baseman Mark Ellis hit a grounder to shortstop and made it only halfway to first before he started limping. No word on his status either. So much for that infield depth, huh?. And remember, we don’t know the condition of Eric Chavez yet. He tested his right elbow before the game with hitting and fielding.

When the A’s came out for the bottom of the third, Crosby shifted over to second base and Jack Hannahan entered at third. …

Joe Stiglich