Show me Doolittle

Here’s one of the issues with blogs. I’ve put out a couple of calls to Keith Lieppman, the A’s director of player development over the past couple of weeks, hoping to discuss some of the team’s prospects. I haven’t heard back, which frankly doesn’t surprise me, because you mention the word “blog” in a message, and there’s the immediate concern of credibility. I had a decent relationship with Lieppman over the years but it’s probably been half a decade since I talked to him with any sort of regularity. I do expect to hear from him at some point.

Anyway, I’ll keep trying.  In the meantime, feed us what you’ve seen of Sean Doolittle. His stats at Triple-A Sacramento have caught my eye (and maybe because I’ve been used to watching such terrible offense at the big-league level for so long). Twenty-two hits, nine of them for extra-bases (including four home runs) and a team-high 14 RBI. Not bad. Hard to imagine Doolittle seeing the light of day with the big club this season, though, because he plays right field, and the A’s aren’t lacking for outfielders. But he’s only 22, 6-foot-3, 190 pounds and trending upward. He started last year at Stockton. Keep an eye on him.

Other news from the River Cats and the A’s other affiliates:


— Fading prospect Daric Barton has only 12 hits, but 10 of them have driven in runs. He’s tied with Doolittle for the team’s RBI lead.

— Ryan Webb earned his team-high fourth win in the team’s 7-4 win over Triple-A Colorado Springs in the opener of a scheduled doubleheader.

— Adrian Cardenas was 1-for-7 in his first two games after being promoted from Double-A.


—Danny Putnam, a former Stanford star who’s destined to be remembered (or not) as one of the A’s more all-time minor leaguers, had three more hits Sunday in a 6-5 win over San Antonio. Check out Putnam’s numbers. Again, he’s an outfielder. And he’s going to be 27 at the end of the year. If he makes it, look for it to be elsewhere.


— Matt Spencer has an 11-game hitting streak, one bright spot for a Ports team that fell to 6-18 by losing 5-3 to Bakersfield on Sunday. Spencer has had a nice start, and yep, he’s an outfielder.

BTW, here’s a date you might want to circle on your calendar.


  • Doolittle plays first base,great glove saw him in Stockton great glove. I guess the reason he’s in right for Sacramento is Barton at first. Doolittle is way better than Barton and all of the Oakland A’s first basemen. I hope to see him in Oakland soon.

  • Bee

    Doolittle should take over first base for the River Cats if Barton is doing as poorly as he seems to be. I’d send Eveland down to Sacramento or lower immediately. He is a real head case and, until last night’s disastrous 15th inning, I would have said he’s goood for about 2 innings and belongs in the bullpen. I’ve never been a fan of his. Right now I say he’s good for Double A at best. Call up Jeff Gray or one of the other relief pitchers or a starter instead. We should have won that game last night, either in the 9th (Springer), the 13th (Gonzales) or the 13th (Eveland).

  • Rob

    Doolittle is better than the A’s right now. If he was brought up I fear they would ruin him. There is way too much experimenting going on at the big league level for the A’s. Almost to the point where wins and losses aren’t the goal. He needs to start at 1B and stay there. Making it a competition is a waste of time. Just bring him up when you are done experimenting how to lose games and Giambi I’m sure will gladly mentor him. From the looks of it, Doolittle likes showing his talent when he is around Major Leaguers.