Tigers 9, A’s 1

So much for that tinkering with the batting order. The A’s didn’t respond to a shuffled order tonight, mustering just four hits against four Detroit pitchers. Manager Bob Geren usually finds a positive spin to put on any loss, but he seemed genuinely stumped at the A’s struggles with the bat. They’ve been outscored 23-2 in the first two games.¬†Apparently he’s taking input from everybody on how to jumpstart things, because he said he’s “running it by everybody.”¬†

Jack Cust, who was moved from fifth to third in the lineup, was 0-for-4 with two strikeouts. Jason Giambi, dropped to fifth, was 0-for-3 with two strikeouts.

Who can figure out this offense? They seemed to have a good thing going, scoring 19 runs during a two-game sweep of Kansas City earlier in the week.

“It’s just up and down,” center fielder Ryan Sweeney said. “if we can just put those two games together and keep it going … The last two games we’ve kind of struggled.”

–Matt Holliday looked to be in serious pain after being hit in the left elbow by a pitch in the sixth. He had the elbow wrapped but Geren said he was OK after the game. Sweeney banged up his right wrist trying to make a sliding catch in the seventh, but he said he was fine afterward.

Joe Stiglich

  • Ron

    Whats to figure out? Those with talent can hit, those without , strike out. What is the big mystery? Over the last several years the A’s have let get away a lot of good hitters and kept the lame ones like Capt DL Eric Chavez. I remember the so-called genius Billy Beane saying hitters like Miguel Tejada were not retained so they could focus on keeping the big pitchers around, but Oh i guess that didn’t happen either. You want to know whats wrong with the A’s start at the top