The weekend

Gonna start the weekend minor-league rundown with a bit of a detour. The discussion in the office this morning regarded just how bad this A’s team is — frankly, I think it’s their worst team since 1997 — and how much longer do you give them until you call off the dogs?

My thinking: Two more weeks. The late, great sportswriter Leonard Koppett told me one time that six weeks into the season, the hitters have caught up to the pitchers, and that’s usually when veterans if they get going will start to get going.” In other words, two more weeks of a lousy Jason Giambi doesn’t portend good things.

How does this tie into the minors? Well, time to see which prospect you’d like most to see called up for an extended call-up. Co-worker Ben Enos says Jeff Gray. Cubs fanatic Chase Bryson said Sean Doolittle (“Demote Buck,” he says). I say, “anybody but Vince Mazzaro (don’t start his service time).”

Who’s your pick?

Meantime, while you think about it, here are some candidates.


1B SEAN DOOLITTLE: He’s been playing the outfield and is on the disabled list. But he hits left-handed and 10 of his 28 hits have been for extra bases.

RHP JEFF GRAY: His whip is under one. He brings heat. And I’m thinking if you give Brad Ziegler a chance to close in a lost season, why not this guy?


1B CHRIS CARTER: We won’t see him this year — why start his service time? — but this kid is the buzz. He continues to drive in runs in bunches.

The usual rundown returns tomorrow.


  • Bee

    I agree: call up Jeff Gray and Sean Doolitle and send Buck back to Sacramento.

    Been out of town since last Thursday on the East Coast so have been out of the loop. Looks like it was a good time to be away, A’s-wise. They are looking bad at this point. Notice for the first time I used the third person in referring to them. Painful.

  • Arnie Kappeler

    I say bring up Doolittle, but I’m biased. He comes from a great family. I just wish Sean could cut down on his strikeouts, but his on-base is still very high – and he’s poised.

    Oakland’s business model will require that Sean stay in the Minors for as long possible – especially if they’re going nowhere. No sense giving him tenure before they have to.