Giambi hits No. 400

Jason Giambi just hit his 400th home run in the bottom of the fourth inning against Dan Haren, taking a 85 mph, 3-2 pitch over the right field fence. Giambi returned to the dugout and received hugs from most of his teammates and later took a curtain call in front of a cheering crowd.

Giambi is the 44th player in major league history to hit at least 400 home runs, with 191 of those homers coming as an Athletic. 

The A’s lead 4-1 in the top of the fifth inning, with all four runs coming off of homers. Jack Cust hit a two-run shot in the first inning, and Adam Kennedy also went deep in the bottom of the fourth.

Curtis Pashelka

  • Bob

    The most over-rated GM in MLB and probably the worst -Billy Beane! Beane with his 148-game major league career .219 batting average and 3 home runs.

    His “money-ball” management doesn’t work so good when you don’t have star pitchers and star hitters anymore! Which he let go or got rid of too soon.

    He wanted to take credit for having those great athletes, well it work both ways. He must take the blame for this mess again this year!

  • Bob

    And even worse now!Bean got lucky and unjustly took credit and got rich off something he had absolutely nothing to do with by his own alledged skill.


    Rethinking Moneyball


  • I’ve been following Giambi’s career for the past four years and am pleased he’s hit just his 400th home run. he’s a player who truly loves the game and gives his all to whatever team he plays with. He’s had a rough start this season but I feel he is still capable of hitting 50 home runs in a season.