Pregame report for Sunday

Not a whole lot of news to report before today’s game, typical stuff for a day game after a night game. …

After two straight starts at first base, Nomar Garciaparra’s calf was bothering him a bit this morning according to Bob Geren, so he’s out of the lineup. Geren had said he planned to start Garciaparra at DH, but last night’s extra-inning game left him “fatigued,” in Geren’s words. “It’s just better not to play him today.” It’s possible Garciaparrra could pinch-hit if needed.

Kurt Suzuki gets a day off w/Landon Powell catching. That means Adam Kennedy gets his second turn in the No. 2 spot in the order. How impressive has Kennedy been so far? He’s contributing in every facet of the game, and just seeing him in the clubhouse, I get the feeling that losses eat at this guy like crazy. I can’t imagine he’s a very happy camper right now.

I hit Geren w/a question that managers often get after a loss like last night’s: Are losses like that, when you give up a sizable lead, tougher to bounce back from? Or do all losses seem the same when you come back to the park the next day?

“I think we have too many veteran players to let one win or loss (linger) that much,” Geren said. “Their work ethic has been very steady every day. Their attitude has been very steady every day.”

Myself, I wonder much carry-over affect some of these defeats do have. It’s one thing for a team to get beat on a day it comes out flat. It’s another for a team to come out playing well early in a game, get some confidence rolling throughout the dugout, and then let it slip away in the late innings. And those losses are starting to collect for the A’s …

Today’s lineup:

A’s — Cabrera SS; Kennedy 2B; Cust DH; Holliday LF; Giambi 1B; Sweeney CF; Buck RF; Crosby 3B; Powell C; Outman P.

D’backs — Roberts 3B; Parra RF; Upton DH; Drew SS; Reynolds 1B; Snyder C; Byrnes LF; Ojeda 2B; Young CF; Garland P.

Joe Stiglich