Weeks sighting and more

The A’s top pick in last year’s draft finally is on the stat sheet at Single-A Stockton. Jemile Weeks made his debut for the Ports in Stockton’s 10-5 over Bakersfield. It wasn’t a great night for the second baseman, as he collected just one hit in six at-bats. But his lone hit did drive in two runs to give the Ports a nice start to a seven-game road trip, their longest of the season.

More encouraging news out of Stockton. Tyson Ross, the Cal product who followed Weeks on the A’s draft list last season, retired the final 11 of the final 12 he faced. His overall line needs to be better, but he continues to work on being more effecient and getting his pitch-count up. The A’s are being careful with him.

Last for Stockton: A very good night for Frank Martinez. The shortstop doubled twice and had three RBI.



— “Vin Mazzaro, white courtesy telephone. Vin Mazzaro, white courtesy telephone.” You half expect a public address announcement to go out, given how this kid is pitching lately. Mazzaro lowered his ERA to 2.38 in his third straight outstanding outing. By the way, talked with A’s assistant general manager Davd Forst this week, and Mazzaro would have to be called up right around the June 15-20 period to avoid becoming a Super2 guy and becoming eligible for arbitration an extra year earlier.

— Another promising pitching prospect did his thing in the second game of a doubleheader. Nice to see that James Simmons is gaining some consistency.


— Highlight of the night was Graham Godfrey. Dynamite stuff while fanning 11 in  a 9-4 win over Northwest Arkansas. Godfrey has 28 strikeouts in 33 2/3 innings during May.

— Adrian Cardenas, who recently was sent back to down from Triple-A Sacramento, continues to smoke Double-A pitching. He’ll get another opportunity in Triple-A at some point.


  • prudog

    A message to Billy Bean, when will you get it right with these type of players you are bringing to this ball club, Nomar is a good player but, he has to stay healthy to make a impact. Giambi maybe has a little left in the tank but not that much, but he is need for the young players to develope. Crosby is way to brittle, he can not have a season without injury. I am not sold on Holiday I thought this guy would at least have about 10 hrs, so far a dissapointment,I think he will be gone before July trading deadline. Now lets talk about the most dissapointing player the A’s have on the team and that is CHAVEZ, there is no excuse for this guy to remain a A’s player. Billy bean was so quick to pull the trigger on players like Dye,Bradley, Thomas, and they did not make the money Chavez was making, but they did contribute and almost played more games than Chavez did in the last 5 yrs. The only reason Billy is keeping Chavez is to have latin fans in the seats but it has to be frustrating to them because they never get a chance to see him play and I would not want to watch a player that lacks desire and never shows emotion when this guy strikes out he just walks back to the dug out like he does not even care but I guess he feels guilty knowing that he is getting paid and not producing.

  • Bob

    Message should be to Billy Beanbrain– QUIT YOUR JOB!

    You are as bad a GM as you were a player. It was sheer luck and coincidence that A’s had all those talented young players and stars when you started!

    Go away!

  • Some guy name Oski use to write how great Beane and Crosby were I guess his computer broke down I don’t hear from him anymore. Oski knew nothing about baseball but was very good at spelling. Beane and Oski said Crosby was way better than Marco the run producer for the blue jays. See what we are up against. Beane gotta go,Oski already left. larryh

  • Jan K Oski

    Leroy, aka LarryH2O, aka Larry Hamilton, appears to proof read his messages but still needs to learn punctuation. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised he doesn’t know where to place periods or the difference between a question and statement. He also isn’t aware of Athletic Nation, the best place to discuss all things in A’s Baseball. This blog is certainly a quality read, but less than 5 comments a day is proof positive Leroy is grossly naive. This leads to the question what will Leroy do when the CC Times begins to charge for access like the Mercury? LOL!

  • Oski welcome back. Thanks for all the help you have given me. Question who is better Marco or Bobby, try to be honest. Your other star Swisher is doing OK except is 220 ave. I am not Leroy but I bet he knows a lot about the game something you don’t. later dude

  • Jan K Oski

    Leroy, do you have the balls enough to ask the same question on Athletics Nation? Or, can you not handle opposing views to your constant entitlement mentality?

    Proof you are from another dimension or delusional in laymen terms:
    (1) Update! Crosby is no longer the A’s shortstop. Ever heard of Orlando Cabrera?
    (2) Swisher was a fan favorite, and the vast majority of A’s fans were perplexed by his trade.
    (3) You have never had a job in baseball, and I doubt you’ve ever played the game beyond little league’s right field, so what makes you think you know so much about the game? In contrast, I played through high school where I didn’t commit an Error at 3B in my junior or senior years. Yes, defense is as an important part of the game as offense. There’s your lesson for the day. Sit back and reflect on this for the rest of the day.

    Hope to see your first post on Athletics Nation, tonight. I suggest you use another Larry profile name. You don’t want the good folks at Athletics Nation to ban you on their impression of you from here.

    Can I hear a “Let’s Go Oakland”?

  • Oski no errors in two season wow not much range I would say. I played a little baseball but I played fastpitch softball in class A and B. I played for about 15 years and made plenty off errors because I would cut off the SS when I had to, not like you buddy.

  • A’sGirl

    I wouldn’t put as much stock in Athletics Nation anymore. While it used to be the go-to site, the posts and comments have become a lot more juvenile in the last year and the heartfelt, knowledgeable posts are fewer and farther between. They still have great interviews, but the tone and maturity level of the posts have declined significantly.

    At least the Billy sycophants have declined as well. Used to be if you had anything negative to say about Beane, or Geren for that matter, his minions were all over you. Not so much anymore and even Nico has had enough.

  • Jeff August

    I couldn’t disagree more… Billy Beane has been the GM for Oakland for 11 seasons… 8 of them the team has either been in the playoffs or in the hunt at the end of the season, one they lost on the second to last day of the season (2004).

    Seems odd to criticize Holliday after a series in which he just hit 400 and was in the middle of a lot of run scoring, robbed a home run, etc.

    Athletics Nation is still the best place to read up on the A’s. Don Marquez, Nico, Baseballgirl… all excellent writers and much more informed than posters here.

  • Jan K Oski

    A’s girl, are you saying this site is better with its less than 5 comments on this blog and essentially zero comments in the forum? Athletics Nation is still the site with the most chatter, if one enjoys the banter or not. Plus, this is a past-time. You shouldn’t take it, seriously.

    Leroy, I’ve got a quote from Holliday for you. Tell me if you think he might be talking about your constant whining:

    “You can get caught up on that with what everyone is saying on the Internet, and that’s an emotional roller coaster I don’t want to get on. As many people as there are who think they know what’s going on, they’re usually wrong.”—LF Matt Holliday

  • A’sGirl

    Does anyone know where the people who left AN have gone? I have heard rumblings that some have started a new blog, but can’t find it anywhere.

  • Jan K Oski

    A’s Girl, that’s a good question, but if you can’t find it with google or any other search engine, it probable doesn’t exist. Afterall, lots of chatter puts any site on the internet map.

    How about those A’s looking to take 7 in a Row? As the old saying goes, the fat lady hasn’t sung, yet.

    Hey Larry! Can I hear a faint… Let’s go Oakland?