Draft analysis

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog from my end, but laptop issues got in the way the last couple days. So withour further ado …

It’s never too early to have some instant, who-cares-in-five-years-if-we-were-right analysis on the players who were picked in the opening day of baseball’s draft. But the buzz seems to be that the A’s did well yesterday. I always take a wait-and-see approach. I’ve seen too many can’t-miss kids do exactly that (Todd Van Poppel anyone?), and plenty of can’t-make-it guys do exactly the opposite (Jose Canseco went in the 15th round).

Anyway, here are some of the things being written about the A’s picks:

1) Grant Green, SS, USC: Scout.com says the A’s are “hoping their troubles at shortstop will be solved in a year or two.” That would be nice, considering they’ve had problems there since Miguel Tejada left after 2003.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to what’s written on my blogs, but ESPN’s Keith Law is a pretty shrewd judge. Here’s what he had to say about Green.

Baseball America compares Green to Troy Tulowitzki and Evan Longoria. High praise. No pressure Grant.

3) Justin Marks, LHP, Louisville: The lefty had a very good college career, earning second-team All-America status. He throws 90-92 mph, and should get plenty of time in the minor leagues.


  • Marc

    Canseco was 6’3″ 180 lbs when he was drafted in the mid rounds. By the time he juiced up and began crushing balls he was us to 220 lbs. He had the fastest bat speed anyone had seen in a long time. Too bad it was all do to PEDs…

  • Tony Hicks

    Not quite all roids … or Armando Rios would’ve been an all-star. Canseco was still a freak athlete when he came up. Too bad he stopped caring.

  • Marc

    I agree. He was good enough to be drafted in the major league draft. That’s impressive. It’s hard to tell how inflated today’s stats are do to PEDs. AND it makes stats like those of Jim Rice (vs. the average stats of his contemporaries) look even more impressive.