Blackburn taming A’s

Quick update from the Coliseum. The Twins lead 3-0 through five innings, as the A’s have mustered just two hits and grounded into two double plays against Nick Blackburn. Trevor Cahill allowed a three-run homer to Joe Crede in the fourth. Until that blast, seven of the nine homers Cahill had allowed this year were solo jobs …

Joe Stiglich

  • Jan K Oski

    Wow, ain’t it great bball isn’t a 5 inning affair? Who would have thought the Davis and Hannahan would be helping the A’s in the win column with hits? I’ll take it. Anyone know where Leroy went?

    Let’s go Oakland?

  • Bee

    I wonder what the Giant’s think about Raj Davis’ success of late. I don’t think they gave him a chance over there. If he keeps hitting like he has been, they’ll have to find a spot in the lineup (when Sweeney comes off the DL) to keep his bat in play.