Postgame update: Suzuki hopeful for Saturday

I had a quick conversation w/Kurt Suzuki after the game. He said his knee was too sore to play Friday but that he hoped to be in the lineup Saturday night. The ball he fouled off Thursday struck him on the inside of the left knee. “It’s better,” Suzuki said. “I needed a day or so. I’ve taken a lot of balls off my knee and leg, but this one hit me in the wrong part of the knee.”

Joe Stiglich

  • Bob

    outman is right! crosby playing like a rookie trying to impress the crowd made a bonehead move running into cust. iy was custs ball. that play more than likely lost this game. especially when you have a brain dead slow thinking manager who hasnt got a clue that wuertzx, breslow and spinger have already completely lost what skill they previously had and keeps bringing in these bums who a’s will soon be forced to trade holiday away because those useless creeps, it does not matter how good those 4 or 5 a’s young starters pitch, this bottom of the barrel relief will lose most of the games those kids should have won.

    geren is bean’s friend. and only reason he has that job. couldnt lick macha’s boots as a manager. and never will.

    get rid of springer, get rid of breslow, get rid od SPRINGER NOW, and casilla too if his slide continues and let those young pitchers go at least 8 or 9 innings!