Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

I’d imagine the above blog heading sums up the state of mind of many A’s fans right now. It also happens to be the title of one of my favorite Van Halen songs, so I had to go w/it. Since winning seven games in a row, the A’s have lost five of six.

After today’s game, they gave lots of credit to the Giants’ starting pitchers — Tim Lincecum, Randy Johnson and Matt Cain — for setting the tempo in S.F.’s three-game sweep. “We’ve had some success over the years coming (to AT&T Park), but we ran into three good guys,” right fielder Jack Cust said. “When I saw we drew those guys a few weeks ago, it’s not something you’re licking your chops about.”

Manager Bob Geren also gave praise to the Giants staff. “Are our guys struggling, or are those well-pitched games (by the Giants)?” he asked rhetorically.

Sometimes you do have to tip your cap, and I know it’s standard to do such a thing. I think the A’s get too sucked into that trap sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with someone coming out and saying, “You know what, we need to be a lot better.” Nobody can debate that the A’s aren’t swinging the bats real well, no matter who’s on the mound.

It will be interesting to see if Geren sticks w/the re-tooled batting order he tried today. Cust, batting second, homered and doubled in his first two at-bats. Geren said he thought Cust might see more hittable pitches in the No. 2 spot.

The A’s need Jason Giambi to heat up no matter where he’s batting. He’s 2-for-20 over his past eight games and went 0-for-4 today, striking out twice on three pitches.

What did you think of today’s batting order? Would you like to see it again? Any more tinkering you’d want?

Joe Stiglich

  • uweblab

    This A’s team is just too inconsistent to be any good. They’re headed for a 70 win season, and it’s going to be a while before they can be on top of the AL west again….

  • gbheron

    I’m afraid the only sensible way to tinker with this lineup is complete dismantling. Giambi, Nomar, Cabrera = collective bust. Crosby is destined to be his father (career utility player). The Coliseum continues as a haven for developing young pitchers and a destroyer of batting averages thanks to acres of foul territory. This is the year to see if Buck and Sweeney are for real by playing them every day, but since this is Athletics baseball in the new millennium—they’re hurt.
    Glad you like “Where Have All The Good Times Gone.” For a better cover version listen to David Bowie’s; for the real thing, check out The Kinks’ original masterpiece from 1965.

  • Marc

    Too bad we can’t hit better to aid our good young staff. I sure like our starters and Bailey. But we are so frustrating to watch at the plate.

  • A’sGirl

    Are we really going to blame THREE losses on their good pitching? A lot of teams have good pitching, so should we expect to lose every one of those too? Get mad Geren, light a fire, don’t make any more excuses and pat your sorry team on the back for a job “well” done.

    Time to sell. Can we get anything for Geren on Ebay? I am tired of him, and tired of losing. If we are going to look like idiots out there, at least sell off the people we can (if we can) and bring up some more kids to watch. Give them the at-bats, they can’t possibly be worse than what is on the field now.

    This season is not going to end well. Sorry to be such a pessimist today, but after spending all three games at Pac Bell, getting heckled by Giants fans, I am not in a good mood and not at my most rational!

  • Marc

    We were pathetic. My Orange and Black clad friends have been fair as they have left me alone to ponder… Geren is a moron. I’ve wrote it before. Perhaps a change of scenary to Chavez Ravine?

  • The A’s are not a good team this year. The potential is there for them to rebuild within the next 3 years.

    The offense is below average and will get worse. This team does not know how to win the close games.

  • Bee

    Yes, we ran into a triple buzz saw over the weekend. Lincecum, Big Unit and Cain are a potent trio. But…none of them have ERA’s of 0.00. They do give up hits and runs, and we just didn’t make that happen often enough. Three runs in three games is embarrassing! Maybe Cabrera needs to call another team meeting and chew some more proverbial butt. The hitters need to step up and very soon. Maybe they can right the ship in Chavez Ravine.

    Speaking of Chavez, I think he is done. How do you reconcile his statements in May with the decision to have another surgery? He should just retire and be done with it, rather than prolong the inevitable. He doesn’t need the money and the A’s are spending a ton of money on him during this period of waiting and hoping. Make Hannahan the everyday third baseman. He’s showing signs of life at the plate. Give him the job and see what he can do with the mindset of a regular position player, not a fill-in.

  • Don

    First i think Cabrera needs to stay buried down in the lineup. If you ask me, he’s the most disappointing player we have right now. Second, I think Anderson needs to go down to the minors and get some work in, he has hit the skids. Third i think Geren has done a terrible job with this team. I agree they are not good enough to make a run at anything but Geren has made soooo many stupid moves. Why the heck did he pull out Outman in the middle of that inning on Saturday. Come on Billy, make a move.