Suzuki back hitting second

I’ve been to Dodger Stadium one time previously, during a family trip to Disneyland many years ago. But I forgot a lot of the characteristics. The media entrance takes you on to the 5th deck behind home plate. I thought my ears were gonna pop. … The A’s haven’t been here in quite some time either — the 2000 season to be exact.The forecast called for possible rain, but it’s warm. Perfect night for ball …

–More shuffling in the A’s batting order … Adam Kennedy is hitting leadoff like Sunday, but Kurt Suzuki has been moved back up to the No. 2 spot and Jack Cust is back hitting third. Orlando Cabrera is sixth. Bob Geren said he didn’t put Cust back in the ‘2’ hole because he didn’t want left-handed hitters batting back-to-back atop the order against Dodgers lefty Clayton Kershaw. Against righties, Geren said he might try Kennedy-Cust in the first two spots again. “I’m going to keep Cabrera down in the lineup,” Geren said, noting Suzuki’s .323 on-base percentage compared to Cabrera’s .280.

–Geren said he’s inclined to install Ryan Sweeney back as his regular center fielder once he’s activated from the DL. He’s eligible Thursday. It was worth asking the question since Rajai Davis has made some impact while filling in for him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the right-handed hitting Davis continue to play some against lefties, since Sweeney has been much more effective against right-handed pitchers.

Sweeney said he was feeling good before batting practice, and he was scheduled for full pre-game baseball activity, including tracking down balls hit to his left and right. He thinks that’s the big test for his left knee. He’s optimistic about possibly being ready Thursday.

Tonight’s lineups:

Kennedy 2B
Suzuki C
Cust RF
Holliday LF
Giambi 1B
Cabrera SS
Hannahan 3B
Davis CF
Braden P

Pierre LF
Furcal SS
Hudson 2B
Blake 3B
Loney 1B
Kemp CF
Ethier RF
Martin C
Kershaw P

Joe Stiglich

  • A’sGirl

    I think Geren has killed Bailey. Why does he continue to pitch him in the 8th and 9th? It seems like every time we get some good potential in the bullpen, Geren overuses them, effectively killing their arms. As much as the bullpen is floundering, I wonder if it is mostly Geren’s fault. Any thoughts?

  • Marc

    I agree that Bailey’s arm is falling off. He is not as effective and his MPH is down a few ticks most likely due to overuse (of course, if the starters could go 3 batters deeper into games….). I have been screaming during home games for Geren to bring the closer in the game in the 9th inning only. Geren repeatedly (but not always) brings the closer in the 8th. Check out the numbers last year. Huston Street has a high save conversion rate when entering the game to start the 9th. He was horrible and had a high blown save rate when he came in during the 8th. In this year’s case, I wonder if all the bullpen arms are just worn out…

  • Jan K Oski

    It’s not even the All-star break. I seriously doubt the entire bullpen is “worn out”. They’re just plan ineffective except for Bailey. If Bailey’s arm is dead, he should go to Geren or his pitching coach and tell them what Marc has been yelling. Again, these are “professionals”. They should act like ones and be responsible. Oh wait, steriods weaken ligaments.

  • A’sGirl

    Now this should be interesting. We just signed Shawn Chacon, the pitcher who had an altercation with his ex-Astros manager. Do you think Beane is trying to tell Geren something? haha. Seriously though, do we need a guy like this on a sinking ship?

  • A’s Man

    simple solution, fire bob geren. need i say more?

  • man

    It is hard watching the A’s. I’ve been a fan for 29 years and this year, just like last year and year before that they have absolutely no offense. They are the most boring team to watch in baseball. billy beane is THE MOST OVERRATED GM IN ALL OF SPORTS!! who has this guy brought in on offense that is any good recently? jason kendall? milton bradley? mark kotsay? ALL BUSTS! He kept Chavez and let Tejada and Giambi leave. That was a dumb move. Now he signs a washed up Giambi. So he can’t get the job done in free agency, then he must draft well. WRONG!!! Who has he drafted on offense over THE LAST DECADE that turned out to be any good? Nick Swisher? Bobby Crosby? Cliff Pennigton? Kurt Suzuki and Andre Ethier are the only players that are any good. Has he traded for anyone good? NO! Daric Barton looks like a bust, Ryan Sweeney is average, Charles Thomas was a bust. “Billy Beane Ball” equals no offense and losing and boring baseball. wake up Lew Wolff!! Time to fire Billy Beane and his crew. Every team in the AL West has overtaken us. Even the Giants now have a brighter future!!!

  • Jan K Oski

    LOL! I hope you feel better, Man. I’ve been an A’s fan about the same number of years, and we’re unhappy with the team for different reasons. Obviously, some of you aren’t following the joke that is the Nationals, though. At least, the A’s have some pitching.

    A’s Man, what if Wash was coaching the A’s? I know he wouldn’t get along with Beane, but that was the biggest mistake of Beane’s career, and Wash is proving it with the Rangers.

  • Bob

    man – you are 100% correct!

  • Bob

    springer was the same wherever he pitched before as we see now! except bean brain went and signed this bum. and he actually pitched ok the first few times he was used. but after about 4 appearances sproinger is usually useless and is again this year.

    a waste of so many good efforts by the young starters. every reliever here is ruined by geren because he wont leave starter in a little longer. he also helped ruin street. ruined casilla. ruined zeigler, ruined bailey or is in process, ruined brown, and others even ruined dusherer who no longer even pitchs, ruined hardin, GET RID OF BEAN AND HIS FRIEND GEREN WHO IS NOT CAPABLE OF BEING A GM.

  • Jan K Oski

    You whiners are all of the same. You must dwell on the negative, because your wives carry the balls sack. Instead of talking about Springer, why don’t you talk about Wuertz? Oh, cuz, he just pitched 2 innings of shutout work and has an ERA around 3.0. Come back when you’ve grown some balls.

  • Bob

    unfortunately everything springer does gfor this team is a NEGATIVE or haven’t you noticed.

    good era? whats it now over 6?

    again eliminated all chance a’s had of winning today mind you he was asked to get one single out and had a under .240 hitter to face.

    stop drinking the koolaid

    billy beane is jim jones

    and get ready to say good bye to holiday

  • A’sGirl

    Not having any balls (by birth, not for lack of gumption), I will admit to whining sometimes, but I won’t admit to being wrong about Geren and his choices with the pitching staff this season. Wuertz has had some iffy outings himself, though he has done well generally. If you happened to watch the game coverage this weekend, Fosse mentioned that Wuertz told some members of the media that he is physically tired from being overused. I don’t know why he went to the press and not Geren, but there could be issues with communication. But Geren pitched him that day anyway, so maybe he didn’t get the memo.

    I agree with Marc in that this isn’t something new for Geren, it does go back to Ziggy and Street. Though I also agree having to come in early in the game to cover the youngsters isn’t helping either. But a closer is a closer, let him pitch the 9th so he can come out and do it again tomorrow and the next day. We had a lot of close games this last week, and probably will have a lot more. We need our closer to be at his best, and he is when he doesn’t have to also pitch the 8th. Not to mention, I don’t think Bailey had pitched above AA ball until this year.

  • Oski try to be a little nicer than what you are. Go A’s

  • Jan K Oski

    Here’s something for everyone to laugh at… Yes, even Bob! Rajai has been officially biotch slapped.


    A’s girl, Let’s get over the Geren idea. Like the Ayatollah in Iran, Beane is in the driver’s seat. Geren is like the Iranian president with lots of media exposure, but zero power. Geren sits down with Beane every week to discuss the team. Back to the subject, Beane has always over-worked his pitchers. It’s the reason why Mulder went down in flames in St. Louis, and Huddy had injury issues, too.

    Larry, As the old saying goes, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” I’m serving up the exact same thing Bob is dishing out. He obviously doesn’t like it, since he has zero comebacks. He must be a foolish season ticket holder. That’s why I like you, because we can go back and forth, and I occasionally laugh at your responses. Cheers!

    One last food for thought. No one is who they are on internet. Well, I’m a little edgy at times in person. I’m mostly a nice guy as I open doors for ladies, take out the garbage and wipe my kids’ bumms without hesitation. My wife even likes me!

    Let’s go Oakland?

    Let’s go Oakland.

  • A’sGirl

    I see your point about Beane being in the driver’s seat (not fond of tying it into Iran, so I won’t), but it is Geren that makes the bullpen decisions on a daily basis. There is a nice post supporting Geren on AN (6/21), but in that post it has stats that point out Bailey has already pitched over 44 innings, more than any other reliever on the team. Does that sound right for a closer?

    The post goes on to defend Geren, which I think is just up your alley, or maybe you wrote it? 🙂 Anyway, I still maintain that Geren sucks and I would like to see someone else in his spot. But I know you are right about Beane being the guy behind the curtain and that makes me a lot more sad today than it used to.

    I will always cheer Let’s Go Oakland!! No question mark needed. But as a fan, I will always question bad decisions.