Sunday update from Petco

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there … We’ll see if a big holiday crowd shows up today at Petco Park. The sun is out — first day of true San Diego weather since we’ve been here.

A few updates:

–Josh Outman will get an MRI tomorrow, though Bob Geren wasn’t positive what type of MRI it would be. If it’s a contrast MRI (where an injection is involved), Outman wouldn’t be able to throw for a couple of days, ruling him out for his next start Wednesday against the Giants. I didn’t see Outman before the game to clarify …

–Something that stood out to me last night was Ryan Sweeney’s game-tying single off lefty Joe Thatcher in the sixth. Sweeney was hitting just .169 against lefties on the season, and Thatcher was brought in to face him. The count was 0-2 and Sweeney just served a little single into left field.

Sweeney really needs to show he can hit lefties a little better than he has. I think he gives the A’s a better glove in center than Rajai Davis and makes the A’s a stronger overall team when he’s in there. That also gives the A’s a valuable weapon in Davis off the bench for pinch-running purposes. Geren has started the right-handed Davis against lefty starters since Sweeney came off the DL. It will be interesting to see if Sweeney gets the call tomorrow night against Giants left-hander Jonathan Sanchez. Geren moved him up into the fifth spot in the order today against San Diego right-hander Kevin Correia.

I’d like to hear thoughts on how some of you evaluate the center field situation …

–You may have noticed that Jack Cust’s past couple of homers have gone to the opposite field, always a good sign for Cust. He’s only hitting .233, but his 13 homers lead the team and his 37 RBI trail Matt Holliday by two for the team lead. Geren talked this morning about how Cust isn’t the prototypical No. 2 hitter. “It’s a little different from the norm that a ‘2’ guy should (mainly) move guys over,” Geren said. “My philosophy is I just like to get the most productive hitters the most at-bats.”

Today’s lineups:

Kennedy 2B
Cust RF
Holliday LF
Giambi 1B
Sweeney CF
O. Cabrera SS
Powell C
Hannahan 3B
Braden P

Gwynn Jr. CF
Eckstein 2B
A. Gonzalez 1B
Kouzmanoff 3B
Blanks LF
E. Gonzalez RF
Blanco C
Correia P
E. Cabrera SS

Joe Stiglich

  • Bob

    I repeat AND AGAIN AFTER THE 8TH INNING – SPRINGER is the WORST PITCHER PERIOD in MLB how did that dufus GEREN ever get the manager’s job from BEANBRAIN? Because he was his stupid little friend? Only guy who he could find who was a WORSE BASEBALL PLAYER THAN BEANE HIMSELF WAS?

  • Jan K Oski

    Geez, Geren is wacked. I just looked at the 7-game winning streak. Guess what? According to the stats and player of the game on Yahoo! Sports, Cust was only pivotal at the plate in one of the games, even though he batted 3rd in all but one of them. There’s something called winning games that takes presidence to OBP. Cust simple doesn’t win games. Here’s my dream lineup that will never happen:

    1. Kennedy 2B
    2. Suzuki C
    3. Holliday LF
    4. Cust DH
    5. Giambi 1B
    6. Cabrera SS
    7. Sweeney CF
    8. Hannahan 3B
    9. Anybody but Buck RF

  • Bob

    down only 2-1 going to bottom of 8th but the top of your order will be starting the 9th against a team with a worse record than yours. used pinch hitter for braden correctly in bottom of 7th, but he was final out of that inning. so bring in breslow who gives up a hit to the lead-off batter BUT gets next 2 outs and runner still is stuck at first. so dim witted geren using the old righty pitcher vs. righty batter principle brings in the completely washed up SPRINGER. springer immediately falls behind 2-0 with 2 usual off target pitches. count goes to full. NOW the principle used in that instance, first of all if breslow got the last 2 batters and he only had pitched to 3 just leave him in to finish the inning he was pitching well in. another principle NEVER use a washed up pitcher whose arm is done against any major league batter. result if you missed the 9th. the top of the 9th meant nothing as SPRINGER had put game out of reach with a wonderful home run pitch in 8th with 2 breslow outs.

    well down geren.

    at least SPRINGER will still be fresh for start of tomorrow’s series.

    where is macha? is he still laughing?

  • Oakland Sí

    that’s fine for the 2 hitter to move the 1 hitter up as long as the 1 hitter actually gets on base – and that the rbi guys actually get the run in. But after the first inning you may not get the 1 hitter to start an inning again, so it’s not perhaps as important.

    Not only is Cust not a prototypical 2 hitter, he’s also not a prototypical 3 hitter. Jan K Oski’s dream lineup doesn’t look bad, except I don’t think Giambi scares anyone on the other side anymore, even in the 5 spot (though that’s better than the 4 spot).

  • Bob

    If Geren can’t win with these pitchers he has starting now, he never will win in this league! But Geren won’t be fired because he’s the GM’s friend and why he got the job in the first place over a very competant manager the A’s already had. This team will never win again with Beane in place. Never!

    Con’t ban or shoot me for being the messenger!

    You do still believe in free speech I hope?

  • A’sGirl

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but Variety is saying Moneyball movie is dead.