Couple of quick thoughts

Sure looks like Gio Gonzalez will be throwing (emphasis on “throw”) tomorrow tonight for the A’s. Whoop-de-du!!

Hey nothing against Gio. His numbers at Triple-A Sacramento have been decent, and he’s been on a nice run. But when the A’s acquired him, much of what was written about him ended in “might make a decent fifth starter.”

You know what, I’m tired of seeing those guys in Oakland. Sick of the Daric Bartons and Dan Johnsons and Jack Hannahans (no offense, Jack) on the hitting side who always seem to side toward “bust.” Tired of watching guys who might —- might —- be a fifth starter or decent setup guy at some point.

Unfortunately, that’s where the A’s are these days. Not a whole lot of guys at Sacramento that we can’t wait to see. Maybe Yung Chi Chen. Maybe Sean Doolittle. But neither of those guys are ready yet. Same with Chris Carter and Tommy Everidge, but Carter’s never been above Double-A and Everidge just got to Sac-town. Rushing guys ruins guys more often than not.

All of which means there’s going to be a lot of ugly nights at the Coliseum. This A’s team does nothing really well.


  • Chico Ken

    On top of it all Rick, an owner who rips the host city

  • Steve Toomajian

    Hi Rick,
    I’ve noticed that your blog entries on the A’s are extremely negative. This one takes the cake. If Outman’s injury doesn’t happen, Gio is still in Sac. As for his numbers being “decent,” look again at his numbers and give the guy some credit for a low opponents BA and other good stats.
    The only other name you rightly mentioned as a possible “bust” is Barton. Hannahan never was touted to be anything but a role player.
    You keep mentioning the lack of hopefuls in Sac, but don’t you realize that the A’s best prospects are at AA Midland?
    Finally, to your point about the A’s doing nothing well. Are you blind to the fact that the 21-25 year-old starting rotation actually is working? For me as a longtime A’s fan, this is providing great excitement each game to see how each young pitcher progresses from game to game. You may not appreciate it, but I do.
    As to Oakland’s offense, the deficiencies are obvious. I’m not blind to this. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the development of the youngsters.

  • Marc

    Hey, Rick. Sounds like you need to find a new job. Your suffering from burn out, dude.

  • Marc

    you’re… oops.

  • Be patient with this team. The are several years away from playing competive games. The nucelus is there for a dedent pitching staff but the major fault with the 2009 team is poor offense. I find joy in watching the yankees lose with their over paid players.

  • Jan K Oski

    I disagree with the previous posters. Rick gives a decent assessment of the situation unlike repliers who are whining about Geren and players without recognition of the state of the organization. I’ll take Rick’s objectivity over constant rehashing of identical replies.

    I’m also with Wes in that it is entertaining to see the the damn yanks in 2nd place about to be in 4th place.

    Let’s go Oakland!

  • Bee Hylinski

    Wow, Rick, you sure did stir up a hornets nest. I guess I’m with Steve and Wes. The team has an outstanding–albeit very young–starting rotation, and more in Sacto if one of them goes on the DL, like Josh Outman just did. This team will be exciting in a year or two, and I enjoy watching them develop. Wouldn’t be amazing if these young guns develop into the kind of pitchers they have the potential to be? Big Three — Hah! We could have a Big Five!

    As for the offense, we do have a problem. Aging has-beens just aren’t cutting it. We need to draft or trade for more people like Matt Holliday, although I don’t think he has lived up to his stats in Colorado this year (half-year?) with the A’s. Some slippage was to be expected as the Coliseum is a pitchers park, and it’s a new league for him. But he hasn’t done all that well in the National League parks he’d played in during Interleague Play. I don’t think he’s helped himself much in attracting another team in contention come trade deadline time. Adam Kennedy has been the gold mine and who’d a thunk it before the season started? Where would we be without him?

    Thats all from here. Keep stirring the pot, but try not to be quite so negative. It smacks of journalists whose raison d’etre is to find something–anything–and tear it down–the “if it bleeds, it leads,” mentality. Try to look for the bright nuggets as well as point out the faults.