Outman to DL for A’s

Not a huge shock today when the A’s announced that Josh Outman was placed on the DL to make room for Gio Gonzalez, who takes the hill tonight against the Giants. Outman and the team still haven’t gotten results from the contrast MRI he had today on his elbow. It’s a tough break for Outman, who has been a pleasant surprise after claiming the fifth starter’s spot at the end of spring training. His take on hitting the DL: “I expected to be put on the DL. They needed to get a starting pitcher in there. I’m not upset. I’m obviously hurt to some degree. Hopefully I hear the lesser of several evils.”

Things to watch tonight w/Gonzalez: His fastball control and overall presence on the mound. A huge crowd is expected tonight. It should be a charged atmosphere and a good test for Gonzalez. Geren said the lefty’s had so much movement on his fastball in the minors that it can be tough to control. That’s similar to what Trevor Cahill and Vin Mazzaro deal with from start to start. …

Tonight’s lineups:

Kennedy 2B
Suzuki C
Cust RF
Holliday LF
Giambi DH
Cabrera SS
Crosby 1B
Davis CF
Hannahan 3B


Rowand CF
Torres LF
Sandoval DH
Molina C
Renteria SS
Aurilia 1B
Uribe 3B
Schierholtz RF
Downs 2B

Johnson P

Joe Stiglich

  • Marc

    Gio clearly isn’t ready to pitch in the show. Suzuki was regularly calming him down or giving him some kind of advice. This is 3 poor appearances in a row for Gio. Too bad the A’s injury curse struck Outman, who was pitching very well. Did anyone see Cust bumble his way around RF again? He gets late jumps on the ball and/or reads it wrong. Two plays inparticular cost us a few runs. Buck (I know we are polarized on Travis) would have caught at least two of those “routine” flies. AND Buck is hitting .380 in Sac. With Cust falling below .230, how long is Billy sticking with him? Same question with Giambi… looks like age has caught up with him. Just venting. Sigh. Another loss.

  • Marc

    I’ve been an A’s fan for 30 years and this year’s team is one of the worst. They are a frustrating team to watch. They have no offense, a poor defense and a young pitching staff who can’t win the close games.

    They will struggle to win 70 games thi syear. It’s going to be a long summer with this team.

    Hopefully, they will contend again in next 5 to 10 years.