Ellis back at second base for A’s; Buck gets start

We’ll keep this one brief. Mark Ellis returns to the A’s lineup at second base, with Adam Kennedy moving back to third base. Travis Buck gets a start in right field w/right-hander Carl Pavano on the mound for Cleveland. No Nomar Garciaparra tonight. The A’s are still being cautious w/him in the field, and Bob Geren said Garciaparra wouldn’t play in the field tomorrow either. I’m thinking he’ll DH tomorrow as the A’s face a tough lefty in Cliff Lee.

The lineups
Kennedy 3B
Cabrera SS
Holliday LF
Giambi 1B
Suzuki C
Cust DH
Sweeney CF
Buck RF
Ellis 2B

Mazzaro RHP

A. Cabrera SS
Sizemore CF
Martinez C
Choo RF
Hafner DH
Peralta 3B
Garko 1B
Valbuena 2B
Francisco LF

Pavano RHP

Joe Stiglich

  • Derek

    I said it at the start of the season. The A’s cannot be successful with a group of young and old slow 240 hitting, 2 tool white guys.

    Beane hired is garbage friend (Geren) to manage the team, while letting the best man for the job (Ron Washington) go to a division rival.

    Billy Beane is either a racist or a fool who believes he can win with a group of lames who play like he did.

    Its clear Eipstein and Podesta were the true geniuses. Beane simply rode their coat tails.

    The above is true or he and Wolf are putting together garbage teams to reduce attendance making it easier to move, claiming attendance concerns