A little more on Hairston trade

Thought I’d follow up with a bit more on the Scott Hairston deal that I couldn’t squeeze into today’s paper:

–A’s assistant GM David Forst did not guarantee that Ryan Sweeney was going to slide over and be the regular right fielder if Hairston plays center. From reading the blog comments, I got the feeling that some of you might have gotten that impression. Forst merely said Sweeney was an option in right. Regardless, this trade definitely points to Jack Cust seeing more time at DH and less in right field with Sweeney available as an obvious defensive upgrade in right. But we’ll have a clearer read on the outfield picture after Bob Geren holds court w/reporters before tonight’s game in Boston.

–“This is a trade we made for the long-term,” Forst said of Hairston, 29. The A’s will have control over him for the next 2 1/2 years, as Hairston won’t be eligible for free agency until after the 2011 season. He’s arbitration-eligible each season until then. Forst also said that Hairston is probably a natural corner outfielder, but is better suited for center in the A’s current state (read: as long as Matt Holliday is still wearing an A’s uniform and playing left field).

–Some of you have seen this story from mlb.com. Hairston was caught off-guard and not particularly happy about the trade because he liked it in San Diego. I’m sure his .360 average against left-handed pitching this season had to be enticing to the A’s, who have struggled against lefties despite beating Cliff Lee yesterday. Click here for Hairston’s career stats.

–It’s tough to get a read on this deal until we learn who the “player to be named” is that goes to San Diego along with pitchers Ryan Webb and Craig Italiano. The mlb.com story paraphrased Padres GM Kevin Towers as saying he’ll pick from two A’s pitchers sometime this month, with one having major league experience. This deal didn’t come cheaply for the A’s just factoring in Webb and Italiano. If San Diego gets another impact arm, that’s an even steeper price to pay. Time will tell …

Joe Stiglich

  • AsFan

    Speculation among A’s fan sites that gallagher could be the ptbnl. He’s been in the A’s doghouse and has been passed up by braden, outman, cahill, anderson, mazzaro since spring. Plus add in gio’s impressive start yesterday. I have to wonder was there no decent 3b out there for a similar deal? Maybe A’s think they’ll replace the trio of pitchers w/ better prospects from a holliday deal.

  • Garrett A

    I wouldnt be sad to see gallagher shipped too, and i dont think the price is steep, niether of those arms sounded especially talented. I don’t feel the need to replace them with a Holliday trade, I think an upper Echelon IF and maybe 2-3 solid prospects would be good return for Holliday

  • Bob

    The other shoe to drop?

    Holliday trade which will come between now and when the all-star break ends.

  • the sad truth about the A’s is the beane factory…which continues to use the franchise as a trading block to hopefully increase their pockets at the expense of losing competitiveness and fan appeal.the Beane philosophy has backfired..beanie wise and pound foolish..what a shame!!!! we are now just a farm system for other competing successful teams.