Nomar’s return to Fenway

Here’s a few snippets of Nomar Garciaparra’s press conference before today’s game at Fenway Park. It’s his first time returning to Fenway as an opposing player … Some of his quotes will read like he’s laying it on a bit thick. But I gotta say, the guy came across pretty sincere in person. And he absolutely loves the Red Sox franchise, even saying he still holds out hope of ending his career with Boston.

****About being a part of the Red Sox history?

“I always said this many times: You go out to the Green (Monster) and it looks like a golf ball, with all these little dents. It’s been dented so much (by players’ hits). And I always think about those dents. How many great players have a dent on that wall? I know I have a dent in that wall. And I wonder who my dent’s next to. I’ve been lucky enough to go to other franchises that also have a history in this game, but to be a part of (Red Sox history) was truly special.”

****On playing with two big-name players who allegedly took steroids (this was supposedly in reference to Manny Ramirez and Roger Clemens)

“I don’t know their full stories behind it. … Until people actually admit it, I don’t know their stories of what their situation is. I’m not here to throw stones at people. I think it’s disappointing when you hear about some of the people who have done that, because this game doesn’t need that, doesn’t deserve that. There are guys who are going out there who don’t have that edge, going out there and producing just as much. And I think that’s why there are some guys who have admitted it, that I look at and I admire so much. It just kind of disappoints me a little bit, takes away a little bit from that, because you wonder: How much did it affect them?”

***what would you say to Boston fans if you got the chance?

(Garciaparra’s voice started cracking as he addressed the question)

“I’m getting emotional, because when I was gone … Boston fans are everywhere. It’s just awesome. I can’t tell you how many times (I heard) ‘thank you, we appreciate it everything you did.’ … And I can’t tell (you) what that meant to me. Even today, I was just walking down wonderful Newbury Street, and a guy came up to me, shook my hand, looked me in the eye and said ‘Thank you for all you did.’ I just looked at him and said, ‘No, thank you.’ I can’t believe what a wonderful experience I had here, and it’s all because of them.”

***Does he wish he could have played his whole career here?

“The minute I put that uniform on, I always had a dream I was going to start my career in a Boston uniform and end my career in a Boston uniform. I still have that dream. The only difference is in the original (dream) I wasn’t supposed to put another uniform on.”

Joe Stiglich