Back from break — A’s pregame update

Well, I’d call the A’s chances of erasing a 12-game deficit in the AL West remote at best. But if they’re going to make any sort of move, it probably has to start with this four-game series against the Angels. … I was just watching batting practice, and it continues to amaze me what a stud Matt Holliday is in BP for a guy who’s showing zero power in games. Kind of like a guy who hits 50 free throws in a row during shootaround, then shoots 60 percent from the line during games. But the way the ball jumps off Holliday’s bat (even if it’s just BP) is different from other hitters …

Checked in w/Brett Anderson before the game, and his back is doing much better. He threw a bullpen session today and said his velocity is back. He’s on schedule to start Sunday. …

Anybody out there remember a pitcher by the name of Justin Duchscherer? He’s still working his way back. Bob Geren watched a video of his throwing session today in Phoenix, and he’s coming along well. Remember, it’s a back problem that’s set him back most recently. All indications are his recovery from elbow surgery in March is on track. He’s scheduled to throw a simulated game Tuesday, and pitch in his first minor league game July 26 (2 innings, probably in AZ). The A’s have a plan mapped out that would have him go 100 pitches in a minor league game by Aug. 8. And you would think if he can do that, he’d be activated sometime around then. To start or not to start? That is the question. But he’ll surely be stretched out enough to be a starter …

Geren reiterated what he said last week: He plans to play Nomar Garciaparra at first base once a series, giving Jason Giambi a little time off. Giambi is hitting seventh again today, BTW … As for the rest of the lineups:

Kennedy 3B
Cabrera SS
Hairston CF
Holliday LF
Cust DH
Suzuki C
Giambi 1B
Sweeney RF
Ellis 2B

Braden LHP

Figgins 3B
Aybar SS
Abreu RF
Rivera DH
Napoli C
Morales 1B
Kendrick 2B
Matthews Jr. CF
Quinlan LF

Santana RHP

Joe Stiglich

  • bashbrother

    Getting smashed. Nice way to start off the 2nd half boys! Waawaawaaaaaaaaaa. We are in a HUGE hole and it’s gonna take a few years to get out of. I wouldn’ be surprised if this is the death nail that takes them out of Oakland. Why did you dismantle the 2006 team, Billy??!!!

  • I was at the game last night. The A’s played well but the Angel’s guys are just bigger, stronger, better and luckier than our guys. They belong in first place and, I am sorry to say, we belong in the cellar.

    I still love the the A’s but someone needs to light a fire under them. They look like they don’t have much a fire in their collective bellies. No one made any real mistakes, except maybe Dallas Braden, they just look lackluster.

    Of course, Santana has baffled the A’s for a long time. His record against the A’s is now 10-1. But he didn’t have his good stuff last night and we still couldn’t do much against him.

    The nail in the coffin was probably Howie Kendrick’s stab of a screamer hit by Jason Giambi that should have been a run-scoring double, but resulted in a double play instead. Not the kind of Double-Double that I like. After that happened, it seemed that the whole stadium heaved a sigh of resignation. It was sad really.

    Maybe today’s game will be different. I sure hope so. But something needs to happen to shake things up. Because isn’t the definition of “crazy” doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

  • Billy Beane knows what he is doing. The A’s want to leave Oakland in the worst way. The owners right know could care less about the few fans they have left.

  • Bob

    Finished first under a competant manager, beat Twins in playoffs. Fired manager. Hired Beane’s best friend to manage and never been close since. You figure it out!