Friday pregame update

So when’s the last time we saw eight right-handed hitters in an A’s lineup? That’s what we have today with the Angels throwing left-hander Joe Saunders. No Jason Giambi, no Jack Cust and no Ryan Sweeney starting tonight. Nomar Garciaparra is at DH, not first base like Bob Geren had been saying. Bobby Crosby gets the start there. “I like (Crosby’s) defense out there, and I like both of their bats in the lineup,” Geren said.

It’s another pretty warm day at the Coliseum. So we’ll see how the ball flies. For as warm as it was last night, I thought the ball might carry a little better than it did …

The rest of the lineups:

Kennedy 3B
Cabrera SS
Hairston CF
Holliday LF
Garciaparra DH
Suzuki C
Davis RF
Ellis 2B
Crosby 1B

Cahill RHP

Figgins 3B
Izturis 2B
Abreu RF
Rivera LF
Morales 1B
Napoli DH
Matthews Jr. CF
Mathis C
Aybar SS

Saunders LHP

Joe Stiglich