Sunday leftovers

Just some extra thoughts that didn’t get into my stories for tomorrow …

I was a little surprised A’s manager Bob Geren didn’t let Brett Anderson return to the mound for the ninth inning in a 0-0 game. But I can see the logic on this one. Anderson was up to 104 pitches, and if the A’s are serious about monitoring the innings of their young starters for the rest of the season, this was a chance to exercise that strategy. Anderson gave the intelligent response after the game. “I told (Geren) I was fine, but I had thrown over 100 pitches or whatever, so you could kind of tell what was going on,” Anderson said. “I told him I felt fine, but in that situation it’s understandable, especially with our All-Star (closer, Andrew Bailey, available).”

If the A’s are going to limit the starters’ innings, maybe it’s time to start preserving Bailey a little bit as well. I’d like to see him pitching one inning, tops, except for rare occasions. Bailey, Craig Breslow and Michael Wuertz are all carrying a pretty heavy workload.

Allowing Anderson to take the mound in the ninth would have given him a chance to leave to one last ovation, but I don’t expect Geren to manage with that in mind in a tight ballgame. Speaking of the crowd’s reaction Sunday, Anderson gave the fans a thumbs-up. I look around at the mostly empty seats for most home games, and I think it can’t be the greatest atmosphere for these guys to get jacked up to play. But Anderson said he liked the boos he heard when Erick Aybar threatened to bunt while Anderson still had a perfect game going. The feeling around the Coliseum was that it would have been a cheap way to end a perfect game/no-hitter. “I was just happy with the way the crowd responded when Aybar tried to bunt,” Anderson said. “That was kind of special. And another ovation they gave me when I gave up a hit. It’s good to have a crowd like that today.”

The Twins, who have been playing well on the road, arrive for a three-game set starting tomorrow. Check in w/you before the game …

Joe Stiglich

  • Brian

    How stupid for anyone to say it was bad to try to break up a no hitter with a bunt. It was a 0-0 game. You do what you have to do to get something going.

  • Bob

    Geren had to take out Anderson. For Beane! Why burn his arm out trying to win another meaningless game for the A’s! When he has to get Anderson ready for his trade next year or the year after for some younger players! What a genius old money-ball is!

  • I agree that Bailey ought be limited to one inning, not just because he gave up the game winner, but because he and Wuertz and Breslow are doing the bulk of the relief pitching.

    I think the A’s ought to cast Santiago Casilla adrift. He has good stuff but he can’t seem to control it, giving up homers just when we don’t need them. Call up Jeff Gray instead. He is lights out for the River Cats in the late innings and has a very low ERA. Give the guy a chance. Ditch Casilla.