A little more on Giambi

Just got done with our pregame session with Bob Geren, but we didn’t learn a whole lot of specifics about Jason Giambi’s quad injury. But Geren said it wasn’t an injury that happened yesterday, but has been building for a while. Can he return when he’s eligible to come off the DL Aug. 4? Geren didn’t say, so hopefully I’ll be able to grab Giambi when we’re allowed back in the clubhouse. His legs have bothered him pretty much all season, but how much that’s contributed to his .193 batting average is anyone’s guess.

I’m thinking the A’s won’t rush him to get back on the field. This is a chance for Daric Barton to get a long look, especially since Nomar Garciaparra’s health concerns limit his availability. But Geren pointed out the A’s will face lefties in three out of four games on the upcoming road trip to New York and Boston, so he’ll want Garciaparra in the lineup for those games as much as possible.

–The A’s invited fourth-round draft pick Max Stassi to take batting practice with them today. A catcher out of Yuba City High, Stassi caught Trevor Cahill’s bullpen session in front of a large group of A’s officials. The A’s really want to sign Stassi, who has gotten rave reviews from scouts. But he’s signed with UCLA, so he has a nice fallback plan. “I’m excited,” said Stassi, who’s being advised by Greg Genske. “Both ways it’s going to be a tough decision. We’re going to get to talking and see where it goes from here.”

Today’s lineups

Kennedy 3B
Cabrera SS
Hairston CF
Holliday LF
Cust DH
Suzuki C
Barton 1B
Sweeney RF
Ellis 2B

Gonzalez LHP

Span CF
Punto SS
Morneau 1B
Cuddyer RF
Kubel DH
Young LF
Harris 3B
Redmond C
Casilla 2B

Blackburn RHP

Joe Stiglich

  • Bob

    Leave Gio Gonzalez in as long as possible! Make sure he is totally devestated! Why are that birdbrain Beane and his totally incompetant manager/friend Geren still employed by this disgrace of a team they have created? How can A’s charge one dime to fans to buy tickets for this garbage?

    Unemployment rate never been higher in state, yet total incompetants like Beane, Geren and Springer have well paying jobs and despite being the worst in their profession, they are secure in their employment. Is the A’s owner a complete fool? Doesn’t he know he could get cheaper help at all 3 of their positions? And still do just as bad!

  • Bob

    Another home run allowed by Geren leaving Gio in 11-2 wow in the 3rd! The other night when dogs were allowed in to the stadium! You know that stuff dog owners had to scoop up from ther dogs? Well that stuff would be a better manager than Geren is! Much better!

  • Kathleen

    I am so sick of Billy Beane and his “moneyball” crap. All he does is bring up second graders from the minors, who, as soon as they are developed, are traded for other “future talent”, meaning new second graders, and the cycle continues. He is nothing but a trader, and the team has no chance of developing a core of talent. We have kids and oldies on their way out, no way to build a team.

    I’ve loved these A’s since they moved here in ’68. It is disgraceful the way this team is currently treated. Our accomplished and once-proud history is replaced by this ownership and management team that does not care about the fans or the organization.

  • Bob

    Geren! You’re a genius! Leave Gio in as long as it takes then finally replace him with Casilla another guy done like dinner. So now bring in the basecleaner Springer! 12-7!

  • A’sBong

    Man, it sure looks like signing Giambi over Bobby Abreu was a huge blunder, of course, hindsight is 20/20.

    For what its worth, I was able to nab Abreu in the 14th round of my baseball fantasy draft back in March. Giambi? he went undrafted.