Eric Patterson starting in CF — a sign of things to come

Take a look at today’s post-Matt Holliday lineup, and I’d say it gives you a window into the A’s thinking for the rest of this season. Eric Patterson was called up, and he’s starting in center field. He’ll be seeing lots of time there, according to Bob Geren. The A’s definitely see this guy as an outfielder — long term — rather than an infielder.

Scott Hairston is starting in left w/Ryan Sweeney in right. Hmmm … looks like a potential starting 2010 outfield to me — if Patterson blossoms. Still not sold on this guy? I’m not either based on what I’ve seen in the bigs so far. But he’s tearing it up at Triple-A, and the A’s seem determined to give him a long look to see what he’s got. Where does this leave Travis Buck? Great question … Geren said Rajai Davis would keep drawing some starts against left-handed pitchers.

–Head out to San Jose Municipal Stadium on Sunday and you’ll get to see Justin Duchscherer pitch against the San Jose Giants. He’s scheduled to make his first rehab appearance that day for Single-A Stockton. Don’t show up late. He’ll probably start, and probably throw just two innings. The A’s will build his pitch count up gradually. As always, plans are subject to change. But Geren was more definitive about this plan than he was yesterday.

Tonight’s lineups:
Kennedy 3B
Cabrera SS
Hairston LF
Cust DH
Suzuki C
Sweeney RF
Barton 1B
Ellis 2B
Patterson CF

Anderson LHP

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
M. Cabrera CF

Chamberlain RHP

Joe Stiglich

  • Bob

    look at why yankee fans love their team. forget the no salary cap that lets them get best free agents. look at how fans can bond with players that are on their team AND FOR YEARS! a-rod, jeter, mariano, matsui, now even damon, etc. players they consider “their team”- in oakland the 2 goofballs the owner and beane are constantly turning over the lineup. why are earth wouyld fans want to support such a team on top of it a team a near absolute failure ever since the breaking up of the division champs 3 years ago by these total incompetants whose only goal is to MOVE the team out of here!

  • J Canseco

    Bob, way not to grasp basic concepts. Cheers.

  • Bob

    J Canseco

    thats the problem i “can see so” exactly what they are doing!

  • Bob

    2 hits after 8 innings

    whatta powerhouse beane built!

    praise beane some more!

    those new players acquired today should be ready to be traded by 2011 at the latest … for younger players then

  • Bob

    chavez will be sound in 2011

  • Bob

    8-1 in 8th

    so far tpo 7th

    holliday is 3 for 4 and a double

    FIRE BILLY BEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Bob

    remember when oakland had a baseball team?

  • Bob

    still over 2 months of this farce written by billy beane

    what young player would ever want the a’s to draft him? who in their right mind would want to play for such a poorly run organization? i mean besides washed up players who no one else wants like giambi(who beane chased out), garciaparra, springer the biggest joke of all, etc.

  • Bob

    holliday went 4 for 5 with 1 rbi

    praise billy beane

    an embarrasment to a’s fans

    how sportswriters dont laugh at that idiot in his face when he makes any comment is absolutely amazing!

  • Bob

    trade the whole roster. bring up one of the a’s minor league teams! then trade that team for a little league team when williamsport, pa. tournament ends.

  • Jan K Oski

    Bob, How much money did you pay for season tickets this year? LOL! You’re the fool, Bob, and no one else.

  • OakFoSho

    People need to relax. This was always about 2011, and the A’s got more back for Holliday then they gave up. That is, if Wallace gan lose a little weight to improve his range, and get coached up to stay at 3B. That is the key. The A’s have a BLACK HOLE at 3B in the organization, so if Wallace isnt the long term answer there, this deal is a LOSER and were in trouble cause Chavy is really done, even the last holdout must now admit that.

    But, Ima say the A’s can do this, as Chavy was not a good defender until Ron Washington (still sorry he is not our manager instead of Geren) got a hold of him, so I think he will get the coaching he needs to stay at 3B. And that means…..


    Projected Lineup in 2011…..(best case scenario)

    1. Weeks 2B
    2. Sweeney CF
    3. Wallace 3B
    4. Carter 1B
    5. Cust DH
    6. Hairston LF
    7. Doolittle RF
    8. Green SS
    9. Zukes C

    Bench-OF Rajai & Cunningham, IF Patterson & Kennedy

    I bat Zukes 9th to take some of the load off his legs over the course of the long season, as he likes to play everyday much like Kendall used too, and having a guy with decent speed and decent average in the 9 hole is a good thing.

    Rotation (assuming Duke healthy and still an Athletic)

    1. Anderson
    2. Cahill
    3. Braden
    4. Mazarro
    5. Duke


    So, again, this was always about 2011 and beyond, and according to the current scenario, we are still looking GREAT and ON TARGET for 2011. By that time our young stud rotation will be ready to carry a young team to the postseason much like the former Big 3, and the hitting will get progressively better as the talent gains big league experience. In all honesty, playoffs in 2011 is totally doable, and a real shot at a title in 2012-15 if all goes well. Billy is looking for a 4-5 year window of playoff opportunity, and its looking like thats a real possibility now.

    However, if Wallace isnt the answer at 3B, all this is put into limbo.

  • Bob

    How much money did you pay for season tickets this year?

    say what?

    how much did beane pay out of his own pocket to watch the 26th best team(for now and dropping fast)?

    you know what those seats are worth?

    the amount of money spent on the empty ones you see game in and game out. although when the dogs were allowed in attendence figures rose drastically.

    you saw the yanks tonight – look how long many of them have played there. and that is thruout their history. then look at this roster. or any of the last 5 years roster and how beane just shuffles them in and out! players don like it and dont shoot the messenger!


    it does NOT work!

    the proof is in the pudding!

  • Bob

    remember the owner in the movie major league?

    and you heard beane had wanted to make a movie?

    this is what wolf and him are doing to this franchise!

    boycott him because this team is outta here anyway!

    as the mlb and the other hypocrites from the nfl, nba and nhl fight delaware from getting sports betting, wolfe is planning on moving the a’s to vegas!

    boycott this minor league team they have assembled.

  • Bob


    “…And if any of the new guys achieves a best-case scenario? We all know the answer to that one — they’ll soon be shipped off to a team willing to pay for prime-of-career talent.

    Well, cheap is as cheap does. And the recall of outfielder Eric Patterson to take Holliday’s spot on the roster means that at least 14 of the 25 current A’s are at or very near the major league minimum of $400,000 per year. In that respect, this season has been a spectacular success.

    But as long as the team’s top priority is to squeeze the last nickel out of every penny, even moves such as Friday’s will be met with a fundamental (and richly deserved) cynicism.”

  • Bob

    And just what are the Yankees and Red Sox players averaging?

    Wolf is a tightwad cheapskate, has no business owning a MLB team, he is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD, and A’s fans are fools to even call this team the Oakland A’s.

  • Marc

    Umm, Bob.

    If you are referring to the making of the film, Moneyball, Billy Beane had nothing to do with it. He also had nothing to do with the book.

    Lew Wolff is one of the owners, but the deep pockets belong to Don Fisher, who owns Gap/Old Navy. I agree he is spending much less (adjusted for inflation) than the Haas family spent. The economy has something to do with it. Sigh. Those were the days…

    I’m frustrated too, but let’s get the facts straight.

  • Bob

    “I agree he is spending much less (adjusted for inflation) than the Haas family spent. The economy has something to do with it. ”

    “much les”? quite an understatement and absolultely no way to have a zillionth of a hope of having a competitive team. in fact not when your competition spends money like other big league yteams do yet you are purposely at or near the bottom of the list.

    what came first? the chicken or the egg?

    do you spend money to get the players to bring fans to the ballpark to see your team? or do the fans first have to come in droves to see your 22 year olds and a couple over the hill washed up players being paid near minimum to make you money so you can go out and acquire top paid star players?

    obviously wolf is trying to move this team. otherwise he has absolutely no business owning a major league

    another very suspicious stastement yesteday. st. louis just got swept by houston this week and they are now in a 4 way fight for their division title. holliday was an absolultely great addition to their lineup and may well be the key to turning them around the way he has played SINCE MAY FIFTEENTH OVER 2 MONTHS NOW. So just why would A’s have to PAY the Cardinals a couple of MILLION to CONVINCE them to make a trade that may help fill many seats down the stretch and in the playoffs and the World Series? They should have been glad to take on Holliday’s salary, seems to me not only is there no salary cap, but Cards attendence way better than Oakland and Oakland has no money to pay their own players but is going to pay Holliday for playiong in St. Louis millions as their own guys earn the minimum $400,000 here.

    Me thinks that is just another pile of absolute horse manure being floated out there by the A’s Mr. Beane.