Holliday-to-St. Louis all but done?

Several media outlets are reporting that the A’s and St. Louis Cardinals have all but completed a deal that sends Matt Holliday to the Cards. The A’s reportedly would receive three minor leaguers, with the marquee prospect being third baseman Brett Wallace, a 2008 first-round pick. I’ll throw more information on here as I get it. First impression: Getting minor league prospects for Holliday, who have at least a little bit of a professional track record, is a better bet to me than waiting until the offseason and collecting draft picks. …

Joe Stiglich

  • A’sGirl

    Today, I do not loathe Billy Beane. Great trade. Tomorrow, will be another story as we’ve had a few nice trades over the last three years and not much has come of it. But today, BRAVO Beane.

  • Raven

    Thanks Beane…..way to help out the giants.

  • Bob


    holliday from mid may to today was hitting EXACTLY at his lifetime 315 batting average.

    beane should have got more than just trade bait he’ll trade away in 2010 or 2011.

    but the man is the worst gm in baseball. certainly the most overated by his money ball crock of manure

    only 4 teams below a’s as of today. a’s will be closer to the bottom by years end.