Holliday trade official; Eric Patterson recalled

The A’s sent out a release making the Matt Holliday trade official — he goes to St. Louis in exchange for third baseman Brett Wallace, right-hander Clay Mortensen and outfielder Shane Peterson. Wallace and Mortensen will report to Triple-A Sacramento, Peterson goes to Double-A Midland.

The team also recalled utility man Eric Patterson from Sacramento to take Holliday’s spot on the 25-man roster.

Joe Stiglich

  • Bob

    The process of making it look even more like a minor league team’s roster has now commenced.

  • Bob

    Who’s next? Wuertz? Cabrera? Don’t worry boys and girls, Beane will not trade away Springer!

  • J Canseco

    I love it. The big-bats experiment of 2009 has failed, time to look at the future. Love to see Wuertz and O-Cab turn into another handful of young talent.

  • fragoakland

    its hard 2 b an a’s fan

  • Marc

    Would somebody please ask Billy why he is so down on Travis Buck? He’s so deep in the dog house that he probably has hardly any confidence left. Another thing on my mind…. by the time we get Chris Carter, Sean Doolittle, Weeks, Cardenas, and Wallace in the lineup, will we still have Bailey, Anderson, Cahill, Mazzaro and Braden?

  • Jan K Oski

    I’m reserving judgement till these players prove themselves at the MLB level. The cornerstone of this trade is the 3Bmen, and he doesn’t have eye-popping numbers in the minors (.289 with 11 homers and 35 RBI). The A’s don’t need another great fielder. They need someone who can bring the lumber. In retrospect with Holliday, I’m guessing that Mount Davis has ended the coliseums HR opportunities, so it looks like the writing is on the wall for a move to better pastures.

    Can Raven or anyone else explain how this benefits the giants?

  • Bob

    Same ol’, same ol’ trade for youth, then trade for more youth, than trade youth for even younger youth!

    wakey wakey! the owner and beane want to MOVE this team away!

  • Bob

    re:”Would somebody please ask Billy why he is so down on Travis Buck? ”

    beane is finally right now about buck. buck is one of the worst hitting outfielders in the major leagues. if not the worst! hit .226 last season. hit .226 this season. doesnt that tell you his ability?

  • D W

    Congratulations to the Cards for winning the Holliday Sweepstakes! No matter how much we would have won, the price tag remained impossible.

    Joe, I found Chace’s note about the A’s scoring 12 runs in the first two innings for the first time since 1970 very interesting. Since you’re at Yankee Stadium, if you run into Reggie, ask him about that July 11 day against Milwaukee. It was a rare good day during his first tough year, where not only did Baltimore & Minnesota finish ahead of us, but so did Bobby Murcer & Thurman Munson’s Yankees. It’s also a nice memory as far as sticking it to our current commissioner goes. The front row was hopping in front of Uecker that day.

  • Bob

    A’s scoring 12 runs in the first two innings for the first time since 1970 very interesting. Since

    unlike now a’s in those days had top players, now the owner only wants cheap young players and if they get any good and want more money then trade them for “youth”

  • Bob

    btw- how’s huston street doing? how’s colorado doing?

  • mike oxhard

    I’ve had it with this AAA organization … I don’t care how good this prospect is, I’m sick and tired of forever trading for prospects. This cheapsake organization is only interested in going on the cheap and squeaking in some profits by keeping payroll low and getting revenue sharing checks from other franchises that actually get fans to the park by putting a product on the field that fans want to see.

    This teams sucks!!!

  • A’sGirl

    Bob-Not sure if your question was rhetorical, but I was looking him up myself and thought I would share.

    Street’s line so far:

    ERA: 2.61 Saves: 24 SO: 47 WHIP: 0.94

    Rockies are 9 games back of Dodgers, and have a PCT of .547.

  • Bob



    and colorado and street came from 22-32 to leading san fran by a full game in the wild card race as of right this minute

  • A’sGirl

    My pleasure. Beats working!

    I hate to say it, but I was in favor of trading Street at the time. Oops!

    Did anyone hear on the radio today about the media guide for ASU during Wallace’s senior year? He said his favorite team is the A’s and his favorite player was Eric Chavez! Gotta love that!

  • Larry

    Same ol same ol. Damn Wolff & Beane! Not that Holliday being traded was a suprise, but MORE minor leaguers! @#$%^&^&* you guys! Wolff needs to sell to somebody who WANTS to own and operate a MAJOR league team. If he wants to own a baseball team, he should buy the Rivercats, becuase thats basically what he owns right now! The AAAA league A’s.

  • Bob

    fact is in 2 years probably the only 2 recognizable names still here will be geren and chavez coming of his 17th operation. plus beane.

    note- that is if oakland still has a franchise

  • Hated to see Holliday go but everyone knew it was coming. If this kid Wallace is any good the A’s will trade him for some one to be name later in class A ball. Oakland will leave town as soon they can.

  • AsFan

    Are we talking about the same holliday who did not hit a HR for over a month? Who made 13mill and turned into a version of jason kendall? Tell me 7-10 days ago, wouldve A’s been able to get a top 21 prospect in baseball (keith law says top 10)+ 2 other prospects, and save an additional $4.5 mill??? Which might be used to sign 2 top 20 mlb draft talents in max tassi and grant green. What Holliday does with the cardinals is irrelevant. We saw a Holliday that was the centerpiece of a disappointing 09 season. Move on and actually get a better trio than what was given up for him. Bring on more deals!

  • jock

    a’s should trade their residence for vegas … nobody cares about them here … last in mlb in home attendance.


  • Bob

    but from my 15 on till now holliday was hitting at a .315 clip which just happens to be his lifetime average. yesterday for cards went 4 for 5.

    i’ve seen these kind of owners before as they attempt to move a team to another city. this team is long gone and possibly to a lot farther away than you think. This quote below is Wolf spitting in A’s fans faces!

    “And if any of the new guys achieves a best-case scenario? We all know the answer to that one — they’ll soon be shipped off to a team willing to pay for prime-of-career talent.

    Well, cheap is as cheap does. And the recall of outfielder Eric Patterson to take Holliday’s spot on the roster means that at least 14 of the 25 current A’s are at or very near the major league minimum of $400,000 per year. In that respect, this season has been a spectacular success.

    But as long as the team’s top priority is to squeeze the last nickel out of every penny, even moves such as Friday’s will be met with a fundamental (and richly deserved) cynicism.”

  • Bob


    keep on dreaming!

    first pull your head out of the ground and look what these goofs have been doing over and over and over before for several years now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this team is looking to get the hell out of town! and best way now at this point is make the team even worse so the attendence records get even worse and hope that giants do great so there will be no room for a’s anymore. then wolf and beane can go be heros in vegas or wherever they are thrilled he is bringing them a mlb team. just like the idiots in washington were thrilled when the cheapskate of the tribe moved the expos out of montreal away after poisoning the waters there for baseball first. washington nats – about the only team as bad or worse than the a’s because of years of purposeful destruction by the owner and gm.

    beane a 10th rate garbage baseball player when he played!

  • What I read about Wallace a good stick but a fat boy another DH for the A’s. I really can’t watch the A’s anymore the Owners have killed the game.