Crosby not pleased

Cliff Pennington was obviously happy to be back in the Oakland clubhouse this afternoon as he reacquainted himself with some of the guys on the team. He’s starting at shortstop for tonight’s game, and, according to general manager Billy Beane, will be given a “big trial run” at the position.

That isn’t exactly was Bobby Crosby wanted to hear. He was hoping to become a regular at shortstop again after Orlando Cabrera was shipped to the Twins Friday morning.

“I thought it (might mean more playing time at shortstop), but I think it’s a joke that I’m not in there tonight,” Crosby said. “I’ve done everything to prepare, constantly taking ground balls at short and I’ve been ready to play if this time came. And now I’m not in there, so who knows what to expect.

“Not one bit am I pleased. Not one bit.”

A’s manager Bob Geren said he will utilize Crosby the same way he has for the first four months of the season — at first, third and short. Crosby has 37 at-bats in July and is having his best month of the season at the plate, hitting .324 (12-for-37) with six runs and five RBI.

Crosby’s stance hasn’t changed since Spring Training when the A’s first signed Cabrera. He still sees himself as an everyday shortstop in the big leagues. He said he’s talked to Geren about his situation a few times but that it hasn’t made a big difference.

“With Cabrera getting traded, I thought that would move me back to shortstop,” Crosby said. “But obviously that’s not the case, so by no means am I at all pleased.”

We also chatted with Jason Giambi, who said he’s feeling great and ready to play once he comes off the DL on Tuesday. How that affects Tommy Everidge’s or eventually Daric Barton’s playing time (once he comes off the DL) remains to be seen.

Hairston (left quad) did a workout Friday and Geren hopes to have him back in the lineup Saturday, but he didn’t have an update on how the workout went.

The lineups:

A’s — Kennedy 3B, Davis CF, Suzuki C, Cust DH, Sweeney RF, Everidge 1B, Patterson LF, Ellis 2B, Pennington SS, Braden P.

Jays — Scutaro SS, Hill 2B, Lind DH, Millar 1B, Wells CF, Rios RF, Bautista LF, Barajas C, McDonald 3B, Richmond P.

Curtis Pashelka

  • Bob

    not pleased?

  • Liz

    If Crosby is so unhappy why not trade him and get someone on the team who wants to make a difference. Being two years out on a DL on any team and Crosby is getting paid either way so why not shut up and be happy that he at least he has a position. Then again there are probably not many teams out there looking him up for a possible chance for their own franchise since he already sounds like trouble. Crosby needs to learn from the pros and grow up that sometimes you have to be patient. He is still not that impressive on the field and never was a shortstop. how soon we forget Marco Scutaro who covered for him and the A’s traded him away.

  • ron

    Geren is a complete idiot, pinch hitting Nomar and Sweeney for Crosby and Ellis. Crosby already had a double, and Ellis is still clutch. Weal infield groundout by Nomar and Sweenty looking at 4 strikes.
    Geren probably had Beane tell him what to do. Until Geren and Beane are gone nobody will want to come to the A’s, except Rivercats.

    I’m going to Sacto to watch baseball.

  • When a player hits a double it feeds the next a bat let Crosby hit. I have no idea why anyone cares about the A’s with Beane calling all the shots.

  • A’sGirl

    I am still reeling at the decision to pinch hit Ellis with Sweeney. Ellis has more experience in that situation and had already had a hit. Sweeney has had a terrible attitude as of late and is not the guy I want up in that situation.

    The Nomar for Crosby didn’t bother me as much as the Ellis/Sweeney decision.

    And obviously, Sweeney made the most out of it by standing there WATCHING four pitches go practically right down the middle. He was lucky to have one of them called a ball. I am over Sweeney. He needs an attitude adjustment. He hasn’t earned squat and he needs to remember that.

  • Derek

    Bobby Crosby is a moron, why be upset, rather than admit the truth, he sux. Crosby is not a major league caliber player. Once he leaves the A’s he’ll be lucky to catch on anywhere. He can’t hit and he’s a butcher in the field. can you say ben Grieve !

    Another grip, why does Beane insist on drafting and playing these slow footed no talent white guys (example; Pennington doesn’t ever look the part). The A’s have the whitest team in MLB which explains why they are a slow and non-athletic bunch.

    Raja Davis should have been starting all season yet they wasted time with that lame Travis Buck. They unloaded Nelson Cruz for a bag of baseballs, now he’s one of the top power hitters in the American League.

    The talentless A’s are overmatched on the field, the team is boring to watch, which is why noboby shows up at the park. I can bearly watch them full time on television due to the fact they are so pathetically boring.

    Lastly fire that scrub Bob Geren. he never should have been hired to begin with, Ron Washington was the obvious choice, (however we all knew it wouldn’t happen) instead he’s helping to improve a divsion rival, while the A’s are stuck with Elmer Fudd.