Beane on Giambi, future

A’s GM Billy Beane finished a conference call with reporters and I just finshed transcribing. Here are some highlights, if you will.

“At the end of the day, with where we’re headed and with some of the young guys that we’d like to see for the rest of the season, we thought it was an opportune time to do somethng like this,” Beane said. “Obviously, Jason has struggled through most of the first half and we thought it would be better for us to see some younger players and for him to see if he can’t catch with somebody else in a pennant race.”

Beane said Giambi took the news of his release as a professional and he thanked the team for what they did for him. According to Beane, Giambi indicated that he would like to continue playing.

Beane said the team was not actively shopping Giambi at the deadline, but had indicated to the slugger right around the All-Star break that the A’s may start looking at younger players like Tommy Everidge and Daric Barton. Giambi, who is hitting .193, went on the DL on July 20 and never returned. 

“It’s difficult because Jason had a long, successful history here. He’s somebody that everyone was very fond of, not just as a player, but as a person. Those things are never easy. But once again, like everything Jason’s done, he acted like a professional and we’ll certainly miss him.”

Beane was asked if the heavier-than-expected workload placed on Giambi at the start of the season — because of injuries to Eric Chavez and Nomar Garciaparra — led to some of his struggles.

“There’s a little bit of a ripple effect or a domino effect when one guy gets injured or another guy, and it kind of stresses out the whole roster. I’m sure it had some impact on how he was feeling on a day to day basis.”

On Tommy Everidge getting a greater opportunity:

Tommy has performed at every level and most recently at Sacramento. So as much as anything, he deserves the opportunity just like the one we gave Daric before he went on the disabled list. This is a good opportunity for us to give a lot of guys a chance to play these last two months.”

Curtis Pashelka

  • Scott No2

    Giambi can’t stay healthy, can’t swing bat. and there are so many 1st base options fighting for that opportunity. Sorry G, you’re out.

    you were the A’s leader back then and I wish you luck, but your game is gone and it’s time to retire.

    Oh and don’t do drugs.

  • I’m heartbroken that Oakland has released Jason Giambi. I stopped rooting for the Yankees when both Jason and Joe Torre left the team. Even when Jason was bearing the brunt of criticism for other players who used drugs (but were willing to let Jason be the fall guy), Jason proved himself to be a stand-up guy. Didn’t ask for pity for his transgressions or for his failed health which he overcame. Young Yankee or Oakland fans perhaps don’t know– or have forgotten that Jason was a superb athlete and player for most of his career and the winner of many awards. he was also a man beloved by his teammates and friends. As far as I’m concerned, games are no longer worth watching without Jason on the field. I will certainly miss him and wish him well in whatever career he may next assume. I’d love to see him as a commentator. He’s certainly got what it takes.


    Giambi leaving is a good thing. I agree with it, now lets see some of the young talent on the team and in the minors (like Carter, and Weeks)get a chance to shine and show they belong.

  • Larry

    F@*% Jason Giambi. He went to New York to be with the Yankers, then when they had no use for him and kicked him to the curb, that tool, Billy Bean signs him. .193 BA, genius Billy genius. How much do you have to pay that hack to buy out next year’s contract, $1.25 million to NOT play for the A’s?! WTF!! Genius Billy, absolutely genius!

  • Larry

    Giambi left his girlfriend (A’s) to date the hot aspiring supermodel (Yankees). After the supermodel (Yankees) gave him herpes and dumped him, he came crawling back to his old girlfriend (A’s) who took him back and now has herpes. Then the girlfriend (A’s) dumped him and now the has to take Valtrex for a year (pay $1.25 million to go away).

    Brilliant Billy! Brilliant!