Play ball! Baseball, that is …

Wow, must be football season … Tune in to tonight’s A’s-White Sox game, and you’ll see a perfectly lined football field cutting right across the Coliseum diamond, courtesy of last night’s Raider game. I know we’re all used to seeing the baseball field disfigured during August and September home games. But I always forget just how unsightly it becomes for baseball, and how multi-sport pro stadiums are a thing of the past … except in Oakland. It’s tough to blame the A’s for wanting their own stadium — somewhere — when they get to this point in the schedule …

Not that a marked-up field is spoiling the A’s mood these days. Everybody seems in good spirits in the clubhouse, not a surprise considering they’re playing well and they just had their first day off of the second half.

As for the day’s news, Bob Geren didn’t flat out say that Justin Duchscherer would start Tuesday against the Yankees. He listed Duchscherer and Dallas Braden as the candidates, but being that Braden basically told reporters his ankle wouldn’t be ready by Tuesday, Duke’s your man as long as he’s healthy. He threw five shutout innings last night in an Arizona Rookie League game, but Geren said the team will wait a day or two to see how he comes out of that physically before penciling him in for Tuesday. … Braden, by the way, was set to play catch before the game, but there’s still no plan for when he might throw off the mound.

First baseman Daric Barton had a couple of at-bats in the same game, but Geren wasn’t sure what the next step would be in his comeback from a hamstring injury. He’s eligible to come off the DL whenever he’s ready …

Tonight’s lineups

Kennedy 3B
Davis CF
Suzuki C
Hairston LF
Sweeney RF
Everidge 1B
Cust DH
Ellis 2B
Pennington SS

Anderson LHP

White Sox
Podsednik DH
Beckham 3B
Dye RF
Konerko 1B
Rios CF
Quentin LF
Ramirez SS
Nix 2B
Castro C

Contreras RHP

Joe Stiglich