Saturday’s pregame update

Not a lot going down before this afternoon’s game, other than the A’s took full batting practice on the field, a bit unusual for a day game following a night game.

There were no updates coming from the A’s on Justin Duchscherer’s status, other than Bob Geren saying the right-hander is still in Phoenix. Asked if he had gotten any word on how Duchscherer has responded physically from Thursday’s five-inning rehab stint, Geren said he hadn’t. Hmmm, I find it hard to believe a manager wouldn’t get at least a little bit of information about how his All-Star pitcher is feeling nearly two full days after he threw. Especially when that pitcher is a possibility to start Tuesday. Maybe the A’s really are waiting another day or so to get a clearer read on Duchscherer’s status. Or maybe they know more than they’re letting on. Just seems odd …

Today’s lineups, on a beautiful afternoon at the Coliseum:

Kennedy 3B
Davis CF
Suzuki C
Hairston LF
Sweeney RF
Everidge 1B
Cust DH
Ellis 2B
Pennington SS

Gonzalez LHP

White Sox
Nix 2B
Beckham 3B
Dye RF
Thome DH
Konerko 1B
Rios CF
Pierzynski C
Quentin LF
Ramirez SS

Floyd RHP

Joe Stiglich