Duchscherer won’t pitch Tuesday; Tomko gets call

Just a quick postgame update … Justin Duchscherer won’t be coming off the DL to pitch Tuesday, A’s manager Bob Geren informed the media after today’s 3-2 walkoff victory over the White Sox. Recently signed veteran Brett Tomko will be called up from Triple-A Sacramento and will pitch tomorrow night’s series opener against the Yankees. Vin Mazzaro gets pushed back to Tuesday to give him an extra day of rest.

Why isn’t Duchscherer being activated? “It’s not baseball-related. I can’t comment further than that,” assistant GM David Forst said.

The “non-baseball” reason also was given when Duchscherer was scratched from a start with Sacramento on July 31. He came back to make two rehab appearances after that. That’s all we know for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • I have no idea what “non-baseball reasons” means. Is is sorta like putting Giambi on the DL when he went to Las Vegas to work on hitting? Maybe they are getting ready to do something with dUKE, a la Giambi? Or maybe they want him to go into the bullpen and he is balking?

    All I know is there seems to be a lot of secrecy in the A’s organization this year and it doesn’t reflect well on them. I think the BB-Bob Geren clique needs to be broken up: keep Billy and ditch Bob. Lew Wolff, take note: GEREN’S A LOUSY MANAGER!

  • Also, why are they calling up Brett Tomko? He has been spectacularly lousy in Sacramento.

  • Joe Stiglich

    His numbers aren’t very good, no denying that Bee. … But are there many other options from that Sacramento rotation that you’re dying to see right now? James Simmons maybe. He’s pitched better of late after a shaky start to his season, but I need to see him string together several more strong starts before I’d consider bringing him up. I think they just see Tomko as a veteran guy who can come up and do an adequate job because he’s got big league experience. But I’ll be interested to see if the six-man rotation idea still has legs if Duke is out of the equation. Expanding the rotation makes sense to me in order to save the rookies some innings. But first, you gotta have six capable arms to do it …

  • Hi, Joe,

    Well, Brett Tomko sure showed us last night that he is still a pitcher to be reckoned with. What a terrific game for him and the rest of the A’s pitchers: a shutout against the Yankees! Whooda thunk it?!

    My friend James Simmons has been pitching well of late, including a complete game shutout (I think it was a shoutout) a week or so ago. He has been somewhat inconsistent, and as he told me about 6 weeks ago, he still has things he needs to work on. But he seems to be putting it all together of late. I hope we get to see him in Oakland in the September call up. Other than him, I agree that there is no one else I am dying to see in Oakland among the River Cats starters.

    I agree with you that, given our young starters, a 6-man rotation makes a lot of sense, as long as the bullpen can take it. They seem to be doing just fine with Breslow throwing amazingly (except for that homer to end the extra inning game a couple of days ago kinda hurt, but no one is perfect), and Ziggy, Wuertz and Bailey giving us really solid innings. You can have Casilla as far as I am concerned, and I am glad Springer is gone.

    By the way, did you happen to read Matt McCarthy’s book called “Odd Man Out”? Craig Breslow figures prominently in it. He was a classmate and teammate at Yale with McCarthy. Pick it up if you haven’t read it. It’s a fun read.