A’s-Yankees pre-game notes

Another nice night for baseball here at the Coliseum and it looks like there will be another decent crowd. Nomar Garciaparra gets the start at first base and Tommy Everidge is the DH for the second game of the series. Bobby Crosby incurred tightness in his left calf during Monday’s game and although A’s manager Bob Geren said Crosby is day-to-day, he could come off the bench if absolutely necessary.

Geren had no new news on Justin Duchscherer, but said he’s still open to doing a six-man rotation once he gets some healthy pitchers back. He really wants to limit the innings for Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson.  

The lineups 

A’s — Kennedy 3B, Davis CF, Suzuki C, Hairston LF, Garciaparra 1B, Ellis 2B, Everidge DH, Sweeney RF, Pennington SS, Mazzaro P.

Yankees — Jeter SS, Damon LF, Teixeira 1B, Rodriguez 3B, Matsui DH, Posada C, Cano 2B, Swisher RF, Cabrera CF, Sabathia P.

Curtis Pashelka

  • Would someone please tell me why the A’s keep bringing up Jay Marshall? He, like Dana Eveland, can pitch well at Triple-A but can’t translate that to the Majors. The A’s should release him, and Eveland, for that matter. And Casilla isn’t doing us many favors either. Let’s hope that next year none of them are on the 40-man roster. And let’s keep Jeff Gray who has translated his success at Sacramento into success in Oakland.

    By the way, Joe, when I look at the list of recent comment to the right, it’s all you and me. Pretty sad that no one else seems to be commenting anymore. Come on people, don’t lurk, post a comment. I’ll start a question: How many of you would go to the games if the A’s moved to San Jose?

  • A’sGirl

    I will say that both Casilla and Marshall had extremely good moments withe the club when they first came out of the bullpen. I truly believe it was mismanagement of their arms that has caused a lot of the problems for them. I worry about Bailey, Breslow and Wuertz and how they will perform next year after all the extra innings they have pitched.

    But what do you do when you have young pitching that can just now barely make it to 6 innings, sometimes? I am not sure I can put the blame solely on Geren, but I will try anyway!

  • I agree, Scott No2, about Gaudin. I was appalled that they traded him.

    I worry about Bailey and Breslow too, A’sGirl. Now that you mention it, wouldn’t it be better to bring up another reliever and let the starters go only 5 innings. We should get Dallas Braden back before too much longer, and I still think that Duke belongs in the bullpen. I still wonder what “non-baseball reasons” are. Sounds fishy to me. Everyone would be better served by letting the fans know what is going on, unless they are getting ready to trade or unload him (a la Giambi), or he’s injured again and they don’t want to say so, or he flunked a drug test and they are covering it up (really stupid idea), or he has a family emergency, etc. If the latter, just say so and stop all this speculation.

  • Larry

    Billy Beane is a joke. A’s suck. There I posted. Happy now?