Eric Munson called up as third catcher; Braden to 60-day DL

Thought I’d throw a little news on the blog: The A’s called up catcher Eric Munson from Triple-A Sacramento today. Makes sense for them to add a third backstop now that rosters have expanded. The other benefit: This gives Bob Geren a little more freedom to use backup catcher Landon Powell as DH, knowing that he’s got an extra catching option if Kurt Suzuki were injured.

To make room for Munson on the 40-man roster, the A’s transferred left-hander Dallas Braden to the 60-day DL, which all but ends his 2009 season. Technically, Braden could be activated Sept. 30, with five games left in the season. But it’s highly unlikely the A’s would do this, even if his injured left foot felt great.

Joe Stiglich

  • Are we ever going to get the straight scoop on Braden’s injury? It is very odd for someone to be out this long with an infection, unless maybe it is a staph infection. The A’s have been very evasive as far as I can see. Can you shed any more light on this?

  • Hey Bee … The diagnosis on Braden’s injury — and the reason it’s become such a problem — is that he has a “traumatized” nerve in the foot. I can’t give you an informed medical explanation on what “traumatized” means in regards to a nerve. But it sounds pretty painful for a pitcher who relies on pushing off on that foot to deliver the ball to the plate. I had mentioned the nerve problem in a couple of stories a while back, but hadn’t touched on it in a while. Braden has said that the nerve problem wasn’t uncovered right away, and that he probably did more harm by trying to actively rehab it. Rest is the only true remedy. Bottom line, I think it’s wise to shut him down for the season and let him fully recover for spring training.