A’s-Rangers pregame update

Tonight’s lineups:

A’s: Kennedy 3B; Davis CF; Sweeney RF; Suzuki C; Cust DH; Ellis 2B; Barton 1B; Pennington SS; Patterson LF; Mortensen RHP.

Rangers: Borbon DH; Andrus SS; Murphy LF; Byrd CF; Blalock 1B; Cruz RF; Davis 3B; Rodriguez C; Vizquel 2B; Hunter RHP.

As you can see, Scott Hairston is out of the lineup again, but A’s manager Bob Geren is hopeful he can return before season’s end. … Nothing substantially newsworthy to report pre-game, unless you count Travis Buck shaving his head as big news. He usually waits until after the season to do so, but went ahead and did it now. “Maybe I’m trying to go incognito,” he said.

Geren praised Daric Barton again today before batting practice. Curious how all of you are feeling about Barton right now. Part of the reason Chris Carter wasn’t brought up was so the A’s could continue evaluating Barton at first. Do you think he’s turning the corner as a big league hitter?

Joe Stiglich

  • Has Daric Barton turned the corner? I have no idea. Right now, all we know is that he’s Mr. September. He’s performed well in the last month.

    I guess it all depends on whether the A’s organization is going to pin all their hopes on Daric. I don’t think they will. But I doubt they’ll sign a first baseman in the off-season with what (who) they have waiting in the wings. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • I agree with Linda. He’s done well in September but I’m not sure one month of success gives him a lock on 1st base. Let’s see how he does in Spring Training. Chris Carter can flat out hit, but he needs work defensively and I hear the A’s are going to evaluate him as a left fielder in ST. that may be a better fit for him than 1st. I hope that Cust is not re-signged. Yes, he gets some timely hits, but using his own words “I’m streaky.” Yeah! I’d rather have the Barton of September than Jack Cust, the numbers BB like be damned. So if Barton does well in ST, I’ll bet he will be the regular 1st baseman next year.