Adam Kennedy appears all but gone from Oakland

This news shouldn’t rock your world, A’s fans, but it continues to look like the A’s and Adam Kennedy will cut ties.. I just talked with Kennedy’s agent, Paul Cohen, and he didn’t sound optimistic about Kennedy re-signing with Oakland. The free agent infielder has gotten solid interest from about six or seven teams, Cohen said, and Kennedy is looking for opportunities to play second base. He was forced to play third base with the A’s for 2009, and if he re-signed, that’s where Oakland would need him most.

The A’s are hopeful Eric Chavez is healthy enough to play third. But they’ve also traded for Jake Fox, signed Dallas McPherson to a minor league deal, and have prospect Brett Wallace waiting in the wings. And they’re looking to sign another young third baseman, GM Billy Beane has said.

Kennedy will be missed if he signs elsewhere. He was a solid clubhouse guy and very good clutch hitter for Oakland. But this breakup seems to be mutual.

Joe Stiglich