What’s in store for A’s as winter meetings open?

Greetings from Indianapolis, folks …

Check back here throughout the week for my posts from the winter meetings. This year’s event will be far different from last year’s in Las Vegas. That much was clear when I looked out my hotel window this morning and saw snow covering everything in sight. It’s freezing here … I’ll be interested to see if the A’s get any business done over the next four days. GM Billy Beane said he’d be more likely to sign a free agent than swing a trade. And while adding hitters tops the list of needs, let’s remember Beane said back in October that the starting rotation needs help too. I expect the A’s to seriously pursue a starting pitcher to complement the youngsters in their rotation, and I’d think they’d start exploring options this week.

Check back w/you soon …

Joe Stiglich

  • Joel,

    Thanks for the updates and welcome to the Midwest where the sun has gone into hibernation and won’t return until April (maybe).

    I’m a life-long A’s fan (52 years old) and I’m concerned about the A’s moving from Oakland and want to know if that topic might come at all during the Winter meetings?

  • jstiglich

    It’s anybody’s guess when this issue involving the A’s relocation will be resolved. Rest assured, we won’t hear anything about this at the winter meetings. This week is more related to on-field baseball stuff. The owners’ meetings take place earlier in the offseason, and there would more likely be talk about the A’s move during that time. But the bottom line — the A’s aren’t moving anywhere until an MLB panel finishes its study on potential stadium sites, and then reports back to the commissioner. No timetable for that …