Peter Gammons leaving ESPN

Thought I’d pass this along: ESPN just issued a press release announcing that Peter Gammons will be leaving the network after the winter meetings “to pursue new endeavors.” The release also included a classy statement from Gammons in which he thanked numerous people he’s worked with over the years at ESPN.

It’ll be weird watching ESPN’s baseball coverage and not seeing Gammons. If my TV is on and I’m in another room, the sound of his voice usually grabs my attention because he’s always got something insightful to offer. Anyone else sorry to see him move on?

Joe Stiglich

  • Gabby

    While Gammons was very insightful, near the end, during all the steroid “issues” Gammons got pretty quiet (and rather hypocritcal) when Roger Clemens was (pretty much)nailed. Gammons was all over Bonds but pretty tame and leashed (self imposed) when it came to The Rocket. He took kind of hit, in my eyes, with those actions.

  • daveinsm

    this is terrible but I look forward seeing him writing for SI.com, that’s just my speculative opinion

  • Jeff Hoffman

    I hope he ends up at MLB Network. Would be a great spot for him IMO.

    Even though I like Gammons, once MLB Network came on I felt there was no reason to go to ESPN for baseball news.

  • Nodaclu

    Looks like he is headed to MLB Network. Makes sense.

    I’m sorry to see him go because he was one of the only talking heads at BSPN that didn’t view the A’s as a punchline to a Yankees / Red Sox joke.

    He treated every team on both coasts with equal grace and class while always making his love for the Red Sox clear. That’s a rare and exceedingly difficult thing to do – and I think that’s part of the reason why he chose to go.

    More and more, ESPN focuses on the “Entertainment” part of their name, and less on the “Sports” part of their name.

  • Bee Hylinski

    I am absolutely bummed that Gammons is leaving ESPN. I have always appreciated his insight into the inner workings of the game, and he always did it with class and intelligence. I hope he goes to MLB.com or SI. It will be interested to see where he lands.