Yankees, Tigers, Diamondbacks talking mega-trade

Things are just getting rolling here on Day 2 of the winter meetings. The Yankees, Tigers and Diamondbacks are reportedly discussing a three-way trade, with Detroit outfielder Curtis Granderson and pitcher Edwin Jackson two of the marquee players involved. Lots of speculation is being reported, so we’ll see if this blockbuster materializes and adds some spice to this function.

–The winter meetings shift to a different city each year, and every site offers its own logistical challenges. My early impression is that the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott works much better than the Bellagio in Las Vegas, home of the 2008 meetings. The Bellagio was luxurious – and let’s face it, it’s Vegas – but it was too massive. You never knew where GMs, scouts and agents might be found. Here in Indy, the hotel lobby is relatively small and everybody congregates in the same general area, which is perfect …

–I’m not alone in saying the toughest thing about covering these meetings is identifying the agents you want to interview. Most team officials (and all reporters) wear credentials with their names on them, so if you don’t know somebody by face, you can shoot a quick glance at their credential and catch who they are. But agents aren’t wearing credentials.

Basically, if a guy looks like he’s spent a lot of time in front of the mirror and has an entourage of interns following him, I assume he’s an agent. That’s a safe rule of thumb.

Check in w/you later …

Joe Stiglich