Bobby Crosby looks Pittsburgh-bound; thoughts on A’s and Hideki Matsui, Vladimir Guerrero

We had snow here in Indianapolis on Monday, then wind and rain yesterday. Today, it’s a combination of wind and snow … putting the “winter” in winter meetings.

A few thoughts as Day 3 of this four-day fiesta gets underway:

–Looks like former A’s infielder Bobby Crosby is going to ink a reported one-year, $1.5 million deal w/the Pirates. That would set him up for an Oakland homecoming June 25-27, when Pittsburgh visits the A’s for an interleague series. That will mean a lot to Crosby’s biggest fan, a young woman who sits in the second deck of the Coliseum and has yelled out “Bobby, you’re hot!!!” approximately 1,367 times per game.

–It makes sense that the A’s would at least entertain the idea of signing DH/outfielder Hideki Matsui. One school of thought says the Yankees’ acquisition of Curtis Granderson might push Matsui out of New York. But it’s also possible that Granderson’s presence makes Johnny Damon expendable, and the Yanks may view Matsui as a better (or slightly more affordable) DH option than Damon.

–With the A’s willing to consider signing veteran hitters, it opens up a lot of options. Vladimir Guerrero could be one, but he’s similar to Matsui — an aging outfielder who may be relegated strictly to DH. And Guerrero’s apparent wish for a two-year contract might keep the A’s away.

Joe Stiglich