Oakland A’s poised to trade Brett Wallace to Toronto Blue Jays for Michael Taylor

You may have heard ESPN’s report about the Brett Wallace-for-Michael Taylor trade between the A’s and Toronto Blue Jays. A source has confirmed for me that this deal is definitely going to happen as long as the major pieces of the Toronto-Philadelphia-Seattle trade involving Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee go through. Taylor is a Phillies prospect who first needs to be sent to Toronto to complete the Halladay deal. Then he can be flipped to Oakland. No word when things might be finalized. Also of note, I asked A’s GM Billy Beane about any trade involving Wallace. His response: “We’re not in position to comment right now.”

That’s hardly a denial. I know the A’s love Taylor as a prospect. He’s 6-foot-6 and can run. So this deal makes sense in my mind. That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • scott no2

    makes no sense, I thought we wanted Brett Wallace? Beane is so confusing, but i’m sure he knows what he’s doing… i hope

  • Oakland Sí

    I think this tells us that the A’s don’t see Wallace as a third baseman. I kind of suspected it when various interviews with Beane, Geren, etc., kept talking about players like Fox at third. I believe the Jays originally drafted Wallace but he chose college instead, so this is a long term interest on Toronto’s part

    Also, Taylor is a stud so I’m not surprised that Beane jumped on the opportunity.

  • daveinsm

    Beane or one his scouts have came to a realization that Wallace was not the solution at 3B. If Wallace was going to be a 1b/DH then this trade makes total sense.

  • Jeff Hoffman

    Great move to me. Wallace may end up the better overall hitter, but he projects to less power than Taylor and isn’t near the defensive player Taylor is. Wallace’s bat would be great if he can play 3b, but that is still very much in doubt. Most think even if he starts at 3b early on in the big leagues he will have to be moved fairly quickly. Doesn’t even sound like Toronto is thinking of him at 3b, but that could just be the talk.

    Either way Taylor makes sense and I do like Wallace, I just think you take a guy with the 5 tool talent over the guy projected to be the 1b/DH, especially when many think his power out put might only be 15 to 20 HR’s. Many think Taylor is MLB ready right now as well.

  • Tim Foy

    As an East coast baseball fan, I have been watching Taylor since Low A ball. This kid is going to be a monster plain and simple. I know Wallace was highly regarded, but this is an upgrade for Oakland.