Coco Crisp’s signing with A’s likely to happen

Just providing whatever updates I can. It’s tough to get in touch w/people on a Sunday afternoon. But a team source tells me the A’s are indeed close to a one-year contract with free agent outfielder Coco Crisp. No word on when something might be announced. And though it’s been reported that the deal is for $4.5-5 million, I can’t pinpoint that for sure. There’s a good chance the A’s will hold a club option for 2011. It’s important to note that Crisp would still have to pass a physical, and considering he’s recovering from surgery on both shoulders, that’s no guarantee. But Crisp’s agent told me last week that Crisp expects to be ready for the start of spring training.

It doesn’t make sense that the A’s would sit Rajai Davis after the front office has raved about him. So I’d expect Crisp to play in center, and perhaps Davis to slide over to left, w/Ryan Sweeney holding down right field. With so many outfielders in the picture now, a trade seems very likely. I’d think Scott Hairston would be most attractive to other teams in considering the A’s outfield trade candidates (Travis Buck, Aaron Cunningham and Eric Patterson would be some others). Hairston has a longer track record for teams to consider …

Joe Stiglich

  • what

    It would figure that Beane would trade 3 to get Hairston and then trade Hairston away after signing a re-tread, Coco Crisp. If Crisp does well in this one-year contract, he’ll probably hop immediately to the highest bidder in the following off-season, leaving the A’s in the familiar position of permanent rebuilding mode with nothing to show for it than a few journeymen minor-leaguers.

  • DALE

    With the siging of coco im praying that billy trades davis and some of his young pitching for a big hitter namely Adrian gonzalez then go out and sign like a ben sheets and get back miguel tejada they have the money and chavez contract is ending after the season so hopefully they could resign gonzalez this is the year with the angles losing a ton of good players and seattle will always be a 3rd place team no matter who they bring in billy dont let us A’s fan down who have been fateful thru all these messed up year and do something to bring us back

  • dale

    Just heard that A’s might be siging cust again if thats the case billys a dumby thats not the answer and i will be done with the A’s after being a fan for 25 yrs.

  • Jeff Hoffman

    This is a worse deal if Davis doesn’t play IMO. While I do like Hairston, Davis proved what he could do when given he chance. He made the offense run and the team played much better with him and other making things happen once on base. Hairston has yet to prove he can stay healthy unfortunately, so if anyone has to go I would want him and guys at the AAA level to be the ones.

    At some point you have to figure Taylor is going to push for time this season as well.