Coco Crisp signing likely to come Wednesday

There’s been no official announcement on the A’s signing of Coco Crisp, but I’m told that one is likely to come sometime tomorrow. …

This is very short notice, but a segment on Oakland closer Andrew Bailey will run tonight on the MLB Network’s “Hot Stove” show at 7 p.m. (that’s just 30 minutes from now!!!) Check it out …

Joe Stiglich

  • Bee Hylinski

    I think Coco Crisp could be a force in the A’s outfield. I like what this team is shaping up to be. It will be fun to watch in 2010!

  • This makes no sense to me. They have too many outfielders. They need power hitters. I like what Rajal Davis did last year and thought he was the centerfielder this year. The only thing they did good this year was non tendering Jack Cust.

  • scott no2

    If we got Mielky Cabrara, we could have the cereal outfield. any players with the last name spoon?