Coco Crisp comments on A’s, his signing

Coco Crisp just got off the phone w/Bay Area media. Here’s a few highlights:

–He’s delighted to have signed with the A’s, largely because he’s got lots of family near Oakland. He’s also a diehard Raider fan going back to their days in Los Angeles. That made for spirited conversation between Crisp and A’s GM Billy Beane leading up to his signing. Beane is a big San Diego Chargers fan.

–Crisp said all the right things about just wanting to fit in and help the team. But he did say he hopes to play center field and bat near the top of the lineup. He looks forward to the possibility of being in the same lineup with speedy Rajai Davis, who could shift from center to left. “When you have speed guys (running) at first, it changes the whole dynamic of the game.”

–He’s recovering from surgery on both shoulders last June, but said he’s aiming to be ready for the start of spring training. He typically doesn’t start throwing and hitting until January anyway, so he’s not necessarily behind yet.

I had never talked to Crisp before, but he comes across as an overall good guy. Media-friendly, too, on first impression. Come April, we’ll see what kind of impression he makes on the field …

Joe Stiglich