Adam Kennedy talking to four teams, but none are A’s

Quick update: I heard back this week from Paul Cohen, the agent for Adam Kennedy, and he told me he’s “far down the road” in negotiations involving Kennedy and other teams, meaning a Kennedy return to Oakland is the longest of long shots. The A’s are looking to add another third baseman, and Kennedy filled the position admirably last season. But there hasn’t been any recent dialogue between the two sides at all. Kennedy wants to play second base, and Cohen said there’s been serious interest from four teams — two want Kennedy to play second base, and two want him more as a utility man. Cohen wouldn’t reveal the teams, but a recent item on mlbtraderumors.com points out the Nationals, Mets and Marlins as teams that have been linked to Kennedy.

Just a little FYI for your afternoon …

Joe Stiglich

  • San jo Z As

    Sign Byrnesy

  • daveinsm

    we just acquired kouzmanoff

  • Bill

    I keep coming back looking for a comment on the lastest A’s transaction and you still haven’t chimed in. Why?

  • Bill

    I think the A’s should have made Tejada an offer of some sort. The Kouz maybe a ok pick-up, we shall see. I didn’t like Cust coming back he has to hit .250 and have a on base percentage of 400 to be worth it. Besides I was looking forward to Taylor and Carter getting a chance.

  • datzker

    The A’s made a great trade by getting 3rd Baseman
    Kevin Kouzamaoff, This makes this team go from fair
    to great. kouzamanoff will hit 20-25 homers and drive in 100 RBIS. I’m suprized that The A’s only gave up Scott Hairston and Aaron Cunningham to get him.
    The problem is that A’s GM Billy Beane will trade this guy for minor leaguers.

  • I agree with Bill about Cust. To get the kind of money he got, he has to hit better than .240 (last year)and the strikeouts are excruciating (led the AL last 3 years). I like the Kousmanoff deal except that it is only for a year. We traded away Brett Wallace so who will be at 3rd in 2011? Doubt it will be Chavvy. We’ll be right back where we are this season.

    I’m not sure, Datzker, that BB will trade Kousmanoff for minor leaguers at the trading deadline, unless Jake Fox steps up and makes the position his own. Then he might trade Kous.

  • Joe Stiglich

    Bill, here’s my long overdue take on the Kouzmanoff trade. I was AWOL on the blog during the weekend because I was out of town. Just trying to squeeze in one last bit of R&R before I gear up for the season, and the A’s had to go swing a deal. Gotta love the timing 🙂

    The A’s clearly wanted Adrian Beltre and made a big-time attempt to get him, but they really landed the kind of player they were desiring in Kouzmanoff — an affordable and relatively young player who can possibly be in the picture beyond 2010.

    I know there was concern in the “comments” section that the A’s would be searching for another 3B come 2011. But Kouzmanoff is under team control for three more seasons. He’ll be arb-eligible again next year, but won’t be a free agent until after the 2012 season. So as long as the A’s want him around until then, they can have him.

    With the Coco and Kouzmanoff additions, I think we’re seeing the A’s putting more emphasis on defense (please hold the Jack Cust cracks!). If this team surprises us and contends in 2010, it will be because the young pitching takes a big step forward. The power just isn’t there in the lineup (at least not yet), so it makes sense to complement that pitching with quality defense. And while some believe Kouzmanoff’s defense might be a bit overrated, he’s made himself into a very good third baseman.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they work Chavez into the lineup if he’s able to stay healthy, but let’s take it one step at a time. And with that, I’ll stop rambling …

  • Bill

    Thanks for the reply; I wasn’t thrilled with the Beltre adventure. He is so overrated as a hitter. 8 million a year could be used in a much better way.

  • DALE

    I love the kouzamanoff trade they gave up really nothing but there are some pieces still missing for the A’s to contend but at least there heading in the right diection they still need one big power hitter and one more veteran picther and they can contend this year. If they have 8 million to spend on beltre then why dont they go out and get a veteran pitcher like sheetz or get someone in there who can hit for power like dye i know the outfield is packed atm but trade sweeny. Let jake fox play first he will put up good numbers and force chavez to retire no room for him on the team he is done for his career. Keep making moves A’s

  • Son of Hendu

    Healthy or not Chavez can not hit left handers. He looks like Crosby vs anybody when the southpaws come in. Kooz hits .287 lifetime vs LHP. Upgrade.

    And come on, who doesn’t have an office pool on when Chavy feels “tightness” in his ______ fill in the blank.

  • DALE

    Rumors are that the A’s are talking with Damons agent i have no clue what the A’s are doing………………….

  • rock

    Damon in a team with no switch hitters, will be an asset if Beane can get hom for the right price. He is not an Of anymore and will be good at DH instead of the streaky Cust. And if it doesnt work out Beane will get some prospect out of a contender for him.