Thoughts on the 2010 Oakland A’s batting order

I was rummaging through my notes from last week’s A’s media event, and wanted to share some thoughts from Bob Geren about his possible batting order. Geren was asked how he would handle the 1-2 spots, with Coco Crisp and Rajai Davis being the prime candidates at the top of the lineup. His take:

“You can do that a couple different ways. You can go Raj-Coco or Coco-Raj. It might depend on who I bat third and fourth. If you have Suzuki batting third, a right-handed hitter, maybe you go Raj first and Coco second. And then Cust could bat fourth, a lefty. I kind of like to (alternate lefties and righties) if it makes sense, so it’s more difficult for the opposition to match up in the bullpen.”

I know … You were hoping that by now, the A’s might have obtained a better fit for the No. 3 hole than Suzuki, right? Perhaps that’s why we’re hearing the Johnny Damon reports. Anyway, Rajai-Coco (or vice versa) is a natural combo in the 1-2 spots. But I could also see a scenario where Suzuki or Ryan Sweeney could bat second and Davis or Crisp could drop down to the ninth spot. Nothing wrong with lighting a fuse at the bottom of the order.

Here’s my stab at a full lineup if the A’s took their current roster into Opening Night. This is assuming that Eric Chavez is coming off the bench, as the A’s plan, and Chris Carter and Michael Taylor are starting the season at Triple-A:

1. Davis LF
2. Crisp CF
3. Suzuki C
4. Cust DH
5. Kouzmanoff 3B
6. Sweeney RF
7. Ellis 2B
8. Barton 1B
9. Pennington SS

**I didn’t purposely try to go right-left all the way down, just worked out that way …

Let’s hear some thoughts on the A’s options …

Joe Stiglich

  • Leon

    Leaves more to be desired….

  • Pete

    The thought of Jack Cust hitting fourth is so depressing. Strike out of walk. I coached little league baseball for many years and when Cust is at the plate all I can think about is the stud little leaguer – who either strikes out, walks, or closes his eyes, gets lucky, and hits a homerun. Carter and Taylor better hurry up – Cust and Barton in the same lineup? B O R I N G

  • Davey

    I think I would switch Sweeney and Suzuki. Next I would have Barton either out of the lineup of at the 9 hole until (and only if) he starts hitting.

  • Bob

    As a Giants fan I can’t wait to watch these guys in the Bay Bridge Series! Better yet, let’s have them play a winner take the territory series with the San Jose Giants. Wow.

  • daveinsm

    here’s my lineup

    1. Crisp – CF
    2. Davis – LF
    3. Suzuki – C
    4. Cust – DH
    5. Kouz – 3b
    6. Chavez – 1b
    7. Sweeney – RF
    8. Ellis – 2b
    9. Pennington – SS

    what do u guys think?

  • Mike

    In response to Davey,

    If you want Barton out of the lineup entirely, your only option is Chavy starting at first base.

    Otherwise, it’s Landon Powell (whose body can’t handle everyday playing time), or Everidge (whose nicknames far outweigh his hitting – but are far from outweighing him).

    Barton finished strong – and until Chavez proves he’s healthy AND can hit major league pitching (remember, it’s been over 2 years since he did either – he’s got the position locked down.

  • I agree with Daveinsm’s lineup. I heard that the A’s were going to move Chavez to first, especially if he has better offensive numbers than Barton at Spring Training. If Chavvy can’t play first, then Joe’s lineup is probably what we’ll get unless someone blows the A’s brass away in Arizona.

    Anyone else concerned about the Ben Sheets signing? I don’t know that much about him but $9M is pretty steep for one year. I’d rather see the young pitchers grow into their own and save the money. It’s more of the revolving door policy that we have seen of late, and I don’t like it.

    Signing Sheets–along with the return of Duke and Braden–also means there is only room for 2 of the 4 guys we had last year, and it will probably be Cahill and Anderson. Too bad for Gonzalez and Mazarro. They were fun to watch. Just don’t trade them, Billy, please!!!!!

  • Bryan

    In regard to the Sheets signing, I think it’s a lot like the Holliday take last year. The paid him $12.5 million I think and then moved him at the deadline when they were out of contention. IF he is healthy he’ll be quite a chip at the deadline in the event that the A’s aren’t in it. It’s a risk, but getting Crisp and Sheets is only $2M million more than what they paid for Holliday isn’t that much of an uptick in spending. I do agree about not giving the other 2 a chance to get some work. I especially liked seeing Mazarro work. Gonzalez is running out of chances from my point of view. He has great stuff, but can’t develop any consistency.

  • DALE

    Man i think the signing of sheets is a blessing and everyone is forgeting jake fox i look for him to start over cust. Fox will put up much better numbers then cust will if you give fox a chance they need to trade mazarro and maybe Gonzalez and add in carter and go after prince fielder i look for the A’s to make one more big move but if the A’s can make the playoffs which is highly unlikely you better look out for them with sheets duch and dallas along with the best bullpen in the majors!!!!

  • Marc

    Oh, no. Cust is simply not a very productive batter – even for the $$$. What possible lineup changes can occur that will improve Cust’s production? Cust in the four hole is barely tolerable. If Geren plays Cust in the field as he did on occasion last year, then we’re in trouble.

  • Matt Mottashed

    chris carter will be the first base men

  • dik

    We are going to find by mid year or by the end of the year a decision on a new stadium, be that where it may, BB is going to sign none other than Joe Mauer Folks, with the Sheets signing, giving some help to the young starters while some of them go to AAA to work some things out, BB is going to bring our prospects up such as Taylor, Carter and Cardenas. 2011 is going to be the A’s year. 2010 pitching will come into its own. Sweeney is going to have an outbreak year. Just Imagine the best catcher in baseball, and the best hitter in baseball in Mauer playing first base. Mauer will be signed since we will have some major dough off the books, Chavez, Sheets, Crisp, etc.

  • Marc c.

    To bob the giants fan: why are you posting here if you don’t like the A’s?
    The Giants did sooooooooo much better than the A’s last year. lets compare world series trophies.

  • Max E

    What line ups would you make now with Willy Taveras?
    Also games without a DH?

    line up suggestions?