Gabe Gross quotes, other leftovers from busy A’s Monday

***I heard back from Gabe Gross tonight (after turning my story in) and just thought I’d share with you some highlights of the conversation. Safe to say he’s pretty psyched about his situation w/the A’s:

–He compared the A’s potential to that of his 2008 Rays team, a 94-win squad that made the World Series that season and went worst-to-first in the AL East. “I’ve been a part of one of the biggest upset stories in (baseball) history, it seems, with the 2008 Rays. There seems no reason that a team with as much talent on it (as the A’s), especially from a starting pitching standpoint, can’t do the same thing.”

–A’s GM Billy Beane said the team has pursued Gross in the past. Maybe that’s why Gross felt he eventually would be wearing green and gold someday: “I felt for one reason or another I’d wind up in Oakland one day. I’m glad to be there now. I feel like, the way I play the game, and the things I do well, are things they appreciate and look for in players. It seems my game fits well with their idea of the way the game is played.”

–Gross says he’s comfortable in all three outfield spots but that he’s probably most at home in center field, where he’s played the least. “It’s probably the easiest spot to play as far as angles and routes. When the ball is hit to one side, it stays to that side.”

***I was talking to Beane today about his outfield situation, which could be set with Rajai Davis, Coco Crisp and Ryan Sweeney starting, Gabe Gross as a backup, and Jack Cust as a possible fifth outfielder when he’s not DH. Beane also threw Eric Patterson’s name into the mix as someone with a great shot of making the Opening Day roster. “He played well last year, he’s got versatility, he can back up at second. Given his performance, he certainly deserves that opportunity.” Noticeably absent from the discussion was Travis Buck, who is stewing over his status w/the team. Not that Buck’s low spot on the totem pole is a revelation. That’s been obvious for some time now.

****In a bit of housekeeping news, the A’s have re-signed right-hander Dan Giese to a minor league deal. Giese is recovering from Tommy John surgery on his elbow, which was performed in June. He was expected then to be out 12-18 months. …

That’s all for now … 19 days until pitchers and catchers report.

Joe Stiglich

  • Fred


    If Eric Patterson makes the Opening Day roster, where does that leave Chavez and Fox? I’m assuming Powell, Rosales, and Gross all have backup spots locked up.

  • John

    Will somebody tell me how Jake Fox fits in with all of this?

  • Joe Stiglich

    With Gross in the picture, I’m not sure I see Fox breaking camp w/the team. When he was first acquired, I thought it was a given he’d stick. But looking at the numbers, I think he’ll have to force his way into a spot w/a great spring. He has minor league options remaining, so they could stash him at Triple-A.

    Chavez obviously makes the team provided he’s healthy. I’m not sure who Patterson would bump if the A’s want to keep him. The ‘X’ factor is injuries, as always. Chavez is a question mark, and Coco Crisp (with two surgically repaired shoulders) is a question mark. Spots could open up for Patterson and Fox that we can’t foresee right now…

  • dale

    The A’s need to unload some of these players and go after a big bat there are several out there that teams are shopping and the A’s have the players to get them why they dont im puzzled the west is open for any team this year.

  • D W

    It would be beyond incredible if the 2010 A’s played the role of the 2008 Rays. Most prognosticators are keeping the A’s in the cellar, due to the Angels’ same depth, the Rangers’ division possibility, and the M’s continuing improvement. Of course, thanks to the AL’s No. 1 rivalry, the only way for the A’s to enter the postseason is by winning the West. Then, they must overtake both the Red Sox & Yankees. Shall we tell Gabe Gross we’re not worthy if his hopes come true?

  • All of the trades so far are for players who hit under 240/ Why don’t we get the kids from the Stockton Ports hell they can hit 240. Oakland gets worse ever year. I miss going rounds with Oski but now there is nothing to fight about.