Marty Lurie’s show heads across the Bay

You might have seen reports today that Marty Lurie’s radio show, “Right Off The Bat,” won’t be a part of A’s pre-game programming anymore. Apparently the A’s flagship station, KTRB-860, wanted to go in a different direction. Marty has since landed a gig w/KNBR-680 to host a Giants pre-game and post-game show.

I’ll miss seeing him in the Coliseum press box and dining room, and hearing his voice being piped through the press box speakers during batting practice. Marty has more pure love for baseball than anybody I’ve come across in my three seasons covering the A’s. When you’re standing next to Marty, he wants to engage you in a conversation about the game. Not just to pass the time or be polite, but because he genuinely wants to know your opinion about whatever topic he brings up. I had the same experience whenever he asked me to come on his show. It wasn’t so much an interview as it was an effortless conversation that happened to take place on the air. … He’s just a pleasant guy and a great conversationalist.

Best of luck, Marty. See you over at AT&T …

Joe Stiglich

  • Oakland Sí

    I am heartbroken that the A’s will lose Marty before each game and an extra hour on Saturdays. This really calls into question KTRB’s stated desire to be an all sports station with a special emphasis on the East Bay…and it’s pretty pathetic for a flagship station of a major league club.

  • crister

    and the montrealization of oakland baseball continues…

  • scott no2

    Wow. I wonder if Damon Bruce is upset. 2 years ago, he got the pre and post game. Last year, they took away 50% of the post game and gave it to Dave Fleming. And now they are taking away both Pre and Post? wow.

  • Woochifer

    Yuh, they wanted to give more airtime to that great sports prognosticator Michael Savage …

  • Marc

    This is terrible news for A’s fans. I enjoyed talking to Marty during the games. He would make the rounds and chat with me about the game, the weather, the players, the 1929 Philadelphia A’s retro jersey I was wearing. He seemed to care about the conversation and it made me feel good for having had the conversation. The management at KTRB is making a big mistake – although a mistake not easily measured financially.

  • KTRB is shooting itself in the foot. Sounds to me like they don’t want to commit much airspace to the A’s. Will we be looking for a new radio station for next year? It might be good, if this is the kind of treatment KTRB gives. As a student of the game (and an A’s fan) I will really miss Marty and “Right Off the Bat.” To put it in today’s vernacular, this sucks!