Carney Lansford joins A’s broadcast team; all Comcast games in high-def

Comcast SportsNet California just released the A’s 2010 television schedule. They’re showing 145 regular-season games (plus two exhibitions), with all the regular-season games in high-definition for the first time.

Also, former A’s third baseman (and Giants hitting coach) Carney Lansford joins the broadcast team as a pregame and postgame analyst. He’ll join Mindi Bach, Matt Morrison and Shooty Babitt on camera.

Joe Stiglich

  • ChicoKen

    I liked the trade of Tony Armas for Lansford some 25 years ago. However, I may have to hit the mute button, if the San Jose native continues to be a booster for the A’s leaving Oakland.

  • scott no2

    Cool. I’m sure he’ll have some great insight.

  • Jeff in Sac

    CArney… cool.

    But please, oh please, lose Shooty. The dude just sucks.

  • Ed

    Carney was the heart and soul of the last great A’s teams. Good to have him back with the green and Gold.

  • 40 year A’s Fan

    A great move by Comcast CSCA. Carney represents the past glory of the Athletics with class. He was a team captain of a team the appeared in 3 straight World Series teams. The team needs more of the past players involved with current organization

  • Bee Hylinski

    I think that Carney is a good addition, especially if he can talk his way out of a wet paper bag. I am not against Shooty Babbit, Jeff in Sac. He’s given interesting perspective onthe game over the last 2 seasons on Comcast. But Carney was the face of those great teams in the late 80’s/early 90’s and he should attract a lot of people who are on the fence about the A’s to watch the the Pre- and Postgame shows on Comcast. I welcome him back to our side of the Bay.

  • Bee Hylinski

    Hallelujah on the all-HD broadcasts. If you have HD, it is painful to watch a non-HD game. Thank you, Comcast!

  • joseph hernandez

    need a mailing address to write to carney please still a big fan