Justin Duchscherer update

We just talked to Justin Duchscherer, who is still a bit dazed from the sedative for his surgery. He’s not even allowed to drive today. His fiance had to drop him off at the park. “I don’t feel anything. I feel great right now, just tired.” He was supposed to have the procedure to relieve pain in his sacroiliac joint Monday, but he was allergic to the sedative they were going to use. It was pushed back to Tuesday, and they had to give him a large-sized dose of Ativan to put him under. As a result, he’s done little more than sleep since yesterday afternoon.

He plans to come in tomorrow morning, get some treatment and see how he feels. He won’t rush getting back to throwing, but he’s hardly concerned about falling too far behind. “For me, it’s just a matter of getting out there. Once I get out there, things take care of themselves. … I’m not going to push myself. I’ve got six weeks.”

The procedure involved burning off the nerve endings in his SI joint (located very low in his back), where the pain was. Apparently, the nerve endings can grow back in as soon as six months, but he can get the procedure done as often as needed. And there’s no guarantee the nerve endings ever grow back and continue to bother him.

So there’s everything you ever needed to know about this topic, and I hope I never have to write about Duke’s SI joint (or anyone else’s) ever again. It can’t be all that exciting to read about either 🙂 … Bottom line — he’ll start throwing when he feels able to, which shouldn’t be too long …

Joe Stiglich